Best areas in Cardiff for a landlord to invest

Cardiff Bay ApartmentsBusiness-minded landlords will always be weighing up the pros and cons when it comes to choosing a location and property for their next buy-to-let investment. The ability to consistently source reliable tenants and keep void periods to a minimum, along with the potential rental yields and property value appreciation are just a few of the important things to consider while on the hunt for the perfect investment property.

Fortunately, Cardiff is an ever-growing capital city with a wide range of residents living in the city and surrounding suburbs, including students, families and working professionals from all walks of life. This means a range of rental properties across Cardiff are always in high demand, making it the ideal stomping ground for an investor looking to dip into the rental game for the first time or for a landlord who's keen to invest and grow their existing buy-to-let portfolio.

Before beginning your search you need to really think about the sort of tenants you're looking to attract as this will have a huge bearing on which areas of Cardiff may be more suited for your investment. For example, a landlord trying to attract students may do better in areas that are different to a landlord who's looking to attract a family.

Below you'll find a list of areas that are popular among landlords in Cardiff, while also learning which type of tenant that particular area is likely to best attract.

Do remember that there are also many other suburbs of Cardiff that are not mentioned here but that may still be ideal for your investment, so feel free to contact our team of experts here at CPS Homes if you'd like to discuss these along with your plans in more details.

Cathays and Roath

With a thriving student community in Cardiff that's consistent year after year, where better to start than for those landlords looking to get involved with the student rental market? The main student hub and highest concentration of university-goers in Cardiff is arguably within Cathays, while many students also spill over into parts of nearby Roath. University campuses are spread out across different areas of Cardiff which means you may find yourself a little overwhelmed when trying to select the right area, so much may depend on even narrowing your criteria down further to the sort of students you're specifically looking to let out to. For example, medical students will be attending the Heath campus, so if you were looking to target that particular group of students then it would make sense to look for an ideal property in Heath or neighbouring areas.

Read our guide to living in Cathays or Roath to learn more.

Cardiff Bay and Cardiff City Centre

For those landlords who are looking to secure working tenants with a stable career then your best bet may be the likes of Cardiff Bay or the city centre. These are two areas that are popular with working professionals of all ages and budgets. The properties in these areas cater for a range of professional tenant needs, so you should find studio flats along with 1, 2 or even 3 bedroom apartments always available on the market for a sound investment. They may command a higher investment than some other areas of Cardiff, or you may feel you're getting less property for your buck, but these are very popular areas so rental prices are typically higher than most, void periods tend to last no more than a couple of weeks - if at all - and the properties in these locations also have more potential to increase greatly over time in comparison to many other areas of the city.

Read our guide to living in Cardiff Bay or Cardiff City Centre to learn more.

Splott, Pontprennau and Llanishen

Things can get a little more tricky to narrow down if you're looking to let out a property to a family, with the area you invest in perhaps being more dictated by your budget. This is because as with most cities, multiple surrounding areas can be regarded as a decent area for a family to live. Different suburbs in Cardiff may be more desirable for families than others but this typically drives the house prices up, meaning your initial investment may need to be a great deal more than other more affordable areas of Cardiff which are just as brimming with families. Splott, Pontprennau and Llanishen are all located towards different corners of Cardiff, yet they are all well catered to families and may all suit different landlords for different reasons. One thing is for sure, if you're looking to attract a family then you're going to be on the lookout for a house that's close to schools and amenities, while perhaps even hoping for a garden, garage, driveway or all three - so these decisions will again help you narrow down the areas you should look at.

Read our guide to living in Splott, Pontprennau or Llanishen to learn more.

Are you an experienced landlord looking to add to your portfolio of properties or are you considering letting out a property in Cardiff for the very first time? In either case, our team are here to offer guidance to help ensure you make the most from your investment. Contact us today by calling 02920 668585, e-mailing or by popping into one of our three Cardiff branches.

07 October 2020


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