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Our Free Agent Switch Service makes transferring management of your property to CPS Homes very, very easy.

All you need to do is give notice to your current letting agent (if you have one) and we'll do the rest.

In an age where comparison sites are booming and a record number of Britons are switching bank accounts, it's clear that people are striving to find the best deals and services available to them.

When did you last review your existing property management arrangement? At CPS Homes, we offer flexible, negotiable, value-for-money fees and a service we believe is unrivalled by anyone else.

From one-bedroom professional flats in Cardiff Bay to ten-bedroom student houses in Cathays, we handle the day-to-day management of over a thousand units across the city. Our separate, dedicated departments – Lettings, Maintenance/Inspections and Accounts ensure the smooth running of absolutely everything, such as tenancy renewals, rent collection, property repairs, safety certificates, check-in and check-out inspections, and deposit returns.

Typically, switching management to CPS Homes takes just 7 days. We'll assign one member of our team to be your personal point of contact during this process, allowing you to channel any queries you may have through one person. We won't charge you a management fee until the switch is complete.

Arrange your switch today by calling our Lettings Team on 02920 668585 or e-mailing Alternatively, you can complete the quick form on our Landlord Valuation page.

The switching process is quick & easy…

You need to…

  • Find out how much notice you need to give to end your current agreement (it's usually one or two months) and put it in writing using our simple e-mail or letter template.

…from there, we will…

  • Obtain your current contract-holders' details, set up a meeting to introduce ourselves, and let them know to pay their rent to us from now on. We won't charge you a management fee until the switch is complete.
  • Collect the property and tenancy-related paperwork, including safety certificates, occupation contracts and deposit confirmation.
  • Send you our Terms of Business for you to complete and sign. Job done – we're your new managing agent!

Recent feedback from landlords who have made the switch…

We'd been with another well-known Cardiff agent for 8 years before switching to CPS Homes, and we now wish we’d done it sooner! Our flat is achieving an extra £50 per month, which says to me that my previous agent didn't have their eye on the ball or were always looking for the 'easy let' at a cheap rent. With CPS Homes, I always receive detailed feedback following each viewing & intelligent advice on how to maximise my income.

Mr & Mrs Davies

I live over 100 miles from my property, so it’s very important that I have eyes and ears in Cardiff. Living so far away means I need someone close who I can trust do right by myself and any tenants living in my property. CPS Homes do regular inspections and always feed back to me after each one - I never feel out of the loop with what is going on. Switching from my previous agent was far easier than I imagined.

Ms Brooks

We had five viewings within 48 hours of our house going on the market with CPS Homes, which is more than we had in two weeks with our previous agent. Since then, it’s always been fully-tenanted, so there’s never been a period when I've had no rent coming in. We’re never worried when a tenancy is coming to an end because we know CPS will have someone in much faster than previous agents we’ve been with, and we won’t be out of pocket.

Mr & Mrs Townsend

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