Investing in Cardiff

We specialise in helping both first-time and seasoned landlords select and set-up their buy-to-let properties by offering free, expert advice on everything from plans and architects to forecasted rental income and interiors.

Why? Well, it makes long-term business sense. As we help you make the right investment, we form a trusted relationship that has the potential to grow to bigger and better things.

The different Cardiff investment opportunities

Depending on your financial situation, there are a variety of different investment opportunities available to you in Cardiff.

You may be intending to buy a house and let it to a family on a long-term basis, whereas others will be looking to purchase an eight or nine-bedroom student house that sees the contract-holders change on a yearly basis.

Each type of buy-to-let comes with a different expectation, such as the level of contract-holder occupancy, the contract-holders’ payment quality and the cost of running repairs, amongst other things.