Whether you are looking for help building or managing an existing portfolio, looking to take that next step on to a larger scale development, or simply need buy-to-let advice, our team are here to help.

Why are investors using CPS Homes?


We help Clients find a host of different types of investments. From off-the-peg  ‘Buy-to-let’ properties ready with tenants secured, or your typical Cardiff terraced house ready for builders and refurbishment.


Investor and developer needs can vary hugely in their finance, profit requirements and preferred property type, which is why our services are always tailored to the individual.


Is your investment working for you? Layout, property finishes, type of tenant, all affect your return. We’ll use our experience of the Cardiff market to assess whether your investment is giving you the best return.


We work closely with development companies working within our city and are able to offer our Clients a ‘first view’ of new investments coming to the market, before they are made available for sale.


We are able to offer support and information for those looking to start up in property development. View some of our redevelopment case studies to see what we can do for you.


We sell and  lease commercial property throughout Cardiff, including office space, retail space, warehouses. Often with flexible terms and extensive marketing, we offer a wide variety of commercial services.


We handle all offers, queries and negotiations, and in turn will update you by your preferred method and at a time convenient to you.


Regulations for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) can be a headache, so we have in-house specialists, who can talk you through your obligations and complete paperwork on your behalf.

Case studies

We regularly oversee both small-scale and large-scale development projects on behalf of our clients, so we decided to showcase them in a Case Studies section.

Developing a property can be anything from adding an extension and converting a loft to knocking the whole thing down and starting again. You name, we’ve seen it. We can be involved as you want us to be – from helping you find the initial investment opportunity to assisting with planning and layouts. We’ll even offer suggestions on the interior design!

Once completed, one of our three Cardiff branches will be sure to find tenants at the maximum market rental value. We house thousands of Cardiff residents every year – far more than any other Cardiff estate or letting agent.

Investing in Cardiff

Depending on your financial situation, there are a variety of different investment opportunities available to you in Cardiff.

Each type of buy-to-let comes with a different expectation, such as the level of tenant occupancy, the tenants’ payment quality and the cost of running repairs, amongst other things.

Rhys Owen


Investor Relations

Looking to invest in property?

Our wealth of experience means we can offer in-depth advice on all aspects of your investment. We can be involved as you want us to be – from helping find you an investment property to assisting with planning, or even advising on the construction and interior design side of things.

Whether you're investing for your children's future, your pension or other reasons, our personalised investment service caters for all needs.

Why trust us

Having built close relationships with a plethora of investor clients over the years, we’re ideally placed whether you’re looking to buy or sell. With experience comes knowledge, and nobody can talk more confidently about the Cardiff sales and lettings markets better than we can. From student lets to residential purchases, our three Cardiff branches cover it all.

Here are 11 reasons to trust CPS Homes estate agents with your investment (we tried to make it 10 reasons, but we couldn’t decide which one to leave out!)…