Rent Smarter with our Guaranteed Rent Service - Your rent paid on time each month, every month

CPS Homes offers a Guaranteed Rent ServiceWould you like to meet the perfect tenant? Someone who pays rent on time every month and keeps the property in a great condition.  With our Guaranteed Rent Service, we become the tenant and you get paid even if your property is empty.

As Cardiff’s leading letting agent, we realise landlords most want to be assured of a guaranteed rental income each month. 

How does it work?

Essentially, CPS Homes becomes your tenant, and we pay you your rent on time each month, every month. We then sub-let your home to carefully-selected tenants and carry out regular inspections to ensure the property is being kept as well as you’d be keeping it if you were living there yourself.

Is this the right service for you?

Our Guaranteed Rent service is equally popular between investor landlords and part-time landlords. Landlords who want to “let and forget” can benefit from never worrying about not being paid on time. 

Is it different from rent guaranteed insurance? 

You might think this is just like guaranteed rent insurance, which is offered by a lot of insurers out there, but it’s not. These policies don’t guarantee your rent while your property is empty, and it only covers the length of a particular tenancy agreement. Our Guaranteed Rent Service goes above and beyond this.

Who will be living in your property? 

We’ll only place the very best tenant(s) in your property. We obtain the same credit and background checks as we do for all our tenants, and we inspect regularly to ensure your property is being kept well.

When can we start?

After visiting your property for rent for an initial valuation, we agree a contract start date with you, meaning you don’t have to wait to be paid while we source tenants. Not only that, but we manage the property fully throughout the contract – dealing with any requests or queries from the tenants, including any maintenance issues.

There are no set-up fees, no ongoing management fees and no inventory charges.


Call us today on 02920 668585 or e-mail us via We’d love to hear from you.

03 February 2016


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