Cleaning instructions for the end of your tenancy

We will be fussy when we come out to inspect at the end of your tenancy (we have to be!) and instructing a cleaning company to do even the slightest thing will mean a deduction from your deposit, so it really is within your interests to ensure the property is cleaned from top to bottom before we attend. Some tenants even choose to employ a cleaning company to do it for them.

Please note that the below list is not exhaustive;

Throughout the property

  • All personal belongings removed
  • Furniture moved back to where it was when you moved in
  • All carpets vacuumed
  • All hard floors / lino swept and mopped
  • Skirting boards, door frames, window sills dusted and wiped
  • All other surfaces and furniture wiped over
  • All light bulbs working (more information)
  • All sink/shower plugholes are unblocked and free of hairs, etc
  • No blue tac, nails and marks on walls
  • Black condensation mould wiped from walls and furniture (more information)
  • Cleaned windows inside and outside (ground floor only for outside)
  • Garden free of rubbish and debris
  • All rubbish bagged and disposed of (more information)


  • Fridge and freezer defrosted and cleaned out
  • Door of fridge/freezer left open ajar to prevent mould
  • Oven, hob and microwave thoroughly cleaned
  • Washing machine tablet/detergent drawer cleaned
  • Sink, draining board and worktops wiped down
  • All food and belongings removed
  • All cupboards wiped down inside and out
  • Instruction manuals for appliances left in kitchen drawer

Living room

  • Moved sofas and armchairs to vacuum underneath
  • Lifted sofa and armchair cushions to vacuum underneath


  • Bedroom keys labelled and left in bedroom doors
  • Vacuumed underneath beds and furniture
  • All drawers and wardrobe emptied and wiped out


  • Tiles wiped down and grouting and sealant cleaned of any mould
  • Sink basin, shower, bath wiped and toilet bleached
  • Shower curtain cleaned / replaced

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