Cleaning instructions for the end of your tenancy

The single biggest cause of claim at the end of a tenancy is for cleaning, but it can be easily avoided. We’ve compiled some tips to help you carry out an effective clean and have included links to more in depth videos and guides where possible.

cps homes end of tenancy cleaning checklist

When getting the bathroom looking spick and span, pay attention to these key areas. Check out the videos if you find it more helpful to watch than to read!


When getting the bathroom looking spick and span, pay attention to these key areas. Check out the videos if you find it more helpful to watch than to read!


The kitchen is probably the room that’s seen the most mess over the course of the tenancy…! Tackle it one step at a time:

  • Begin by wiping down all surfaces and stubborn stains, appliances, handles, cupboard doors and the outside of the fridge and washing machine.
  • Clean down sinks and taps thoroughly, getting rid of limescale. Soaking a cloth in vinegar and securing it around the taps for about an hour will help lift the lime scale and make it easier to wipe off. (Here’s a video guide on cleaning a stainless steel kitchen sink).
  • Buy drain unblockers from your local supermarket – don’t leave the sink blocked!
  • Now it’s time to look inside the cupboards and fridge, again making sure they’re COMPLETELY empty. You can wipe down the insides with a cleaning spray.
  • Pay special attention to cleaning your oven.
  • Don’t forget to clean the extractor hood and filter and the hob.
  • Use the tips from the bathroom section on kitchen tiles and grouting.
  • Clean your washing machine.

bedroom & living areas

The key thing here is to leave the bedrooms and living areas clean and completely empty, as plenty of contract-holders have left belongings or rubbish and have been charged to remove them.

  • Time to get that mould and mildew remover out again and apply it to any areas on walls and ceilings where mould has built up. Pull furniture away from walls to check if any mould has formed behind it (you should clean behind the furniture while you’re here too).
  • Vacuum the floors (get into those corners!), dust the room and wipe the insides of any cupboards or wardrobes.
  • Check the walls for Blu-Tack stains and refer to our tips on how to handle these.
  • Wash the windows. With any glass surfaces, use cleaners specifically designed for this, with an anti-smudge quality.
  • Take home any furniture that didn’t come with the property (it’s REALLY important you leave nothing behind!)
  • Don’t forget to clean the skirting boards, check the ceiling for cobwebs and dust lamps.

Take all of this on board and you should be leaving behind a spotless house! It’s a lot to digest, but it’s really important, so we highly recommended dedicating a specific day and time for your final clean, when every member of your household is available to do their bit and get stuck in.

If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to help – drop us an e-mail or call us on 02920 668585.

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