Presenting your property – Nathan and Sian's on-point promo prep

Deciding to sell or let out your home is often such a big step that it's easy to forget what comes next: convincing someone else that they want to buy or rent it!

Any agent worth their salt will give the advice to 'de-clutter' and have a 'thorough clean' prior to marketing shots, but what does that mean and which areas really matter?

Nathan and Sian, two members of our experienced and knowledgeable Sales Team, share their on-trend, expert tips and techniques that will make a real impact on the way potential buyers feel about the space, with the vast majority of them being transferrable to landlords seeking contract-holders too.

The preparation may take up a weekend, but that's a small price to pay to guarantee your listing is the cream of the crop and the offers come flooding in!

Photo of Nathan and Sian in a living room

All the photos featured on this page were taken at properties marketed for sale or to let by CPS Homes.

Creating curb appeal

The front and exterior of your home is the first thing interested parties will see, so it's traditionally used as the leading shot and designed to grab attention. Start with a full clean of your front door and any surrounding areas. If your property has a forecourt or a driveway, a quick jet wash and removal of leaves and other seasonal debris is well worth it, touching up any chipped or cracked paint on walls or railings whilst you're at it. Make your buyers fall in love at first sight!

Row of terraced houses

Making an entrance

Hallway and stairs

With first impressions typically made within the first three seconds, your entrance hall is arguably THE most important part of the viewing experience. So, opening the door to clutter and being smacked with the smell of soggy dog is a huge no-no! There are a number of little things you can do, which – when all put together – will make a world of difference in making the property feel warm and inviting.

  • Remove any excessive coats, bags and shoes from hangers, leaving perhaps one well selected garment on show.
  • Mirrors are always a fantastic addition to ensure the flow of natural light. In general, you want as much light as possible, so leave doors to rooms open and open blinds and curtains. This will make the space seem bigger too.
  • If you have the space for a console table to hold a bunch of flowers (we will come to flowers in later!), it's always worth it. If flowers aren't an option, go for a scented diffuser or plug-in. Gentle fragrances like cool cotton, fresh linen or oud style scents are always a safe choice.
  • Failing that, set your tumble drier on, popping a towel in it with 5 scented drier sheets. Just make sure it's not still going when your viewers arrive!
Hallway and stairs

Painting the picture

Here's where we encourage your prospective buyer to be imaginative and allow them to envisage themselves living in the property. Surfaces should be clean and clutter-free, but we don't want the place to look stark and bare. Sometimes, it's the smaller details that can make your property listing stand out from the crowd.

Hallway and stairs

  • Let's start with the kitchen: often considered to be the heart of the home. Washing up liquid, washing up bowls, brushes, dishes on the draining board and teacloths make things look messy and chaotic, so store them in a cupboard out of sight. Hand wash, clean oven gloves and aprons are homely and a welcome addition.
  • If you have a dining table, let's dress it! Place settings, wine glasses and a centrepiece such as candle holders, potted orchids and floral arrangements. Take a look at our video guide on dressing a table for inspiration and we'll be on hand to make recommendations that match the style of your home.
Kitchen with island
Kitchen with island
  • The same goes for breakfast bars and coffee tables: they're a chance to showcase a lifestyle. One trick is to leave out a pot of steaming tea with two cups and milk pot, creating the impression that your friends are just about to arrive for a cuppa and a chinwag. Scott, our videographer, has a great eye for when and where to include a set-up like this and it always looks fabulous on film.
  • Living rooms presented as relaxing and well-organised tend to be received the most favourably. It's where you go to de-stress and unwind after a long day at work, so take the opportunity to tell that story with how you stage the room. If you've got a coffee table in front of an open or feature fireplace, opening a bottle of red wine paired with two glasses creates that 'cosy night-in feel'. Or, opt for more of a family vibe with a big bowl of popcorn and Netflix on the TV; the kids will love it when they get home from school!

Fireplace with guitar
coffee table and TV
Office desk and chair
  • If you're utilising one of the bedrooms as a home office, have a tidy up and, if possible, show off the multifunctional space with a sofa-bed or even a bed made up. They might not need a home office themselves, but the main focus is to show that every inch of the room offers usable space.

Sian arranging a coffee table

Spending in the right places

Grey has been the most popular colour over recent years, but whatever your colour scheme, it's a good idea to throw in some contrast to give your listing some vibrancy (don't worry, we aren't talking about painting your spare room hot pink!). The small addition of a couple of new feature cushions and a throw (bargain shops and supermarkets will be ideal for finding some nice ones) is a cost-effective way to achieve the look.

This is transferable to the bedrooms as well. If the concept of matching bedding, cushions and curtains terrifies you, simply go for a white cotton bedspread with pillows and create the contrast in a similar way with feature cushions. Pick out a colour that appears in the curtains, walls or wallpaper to tie it all together.

Corner sofa

Attention to detail

We all know how to clean our homes, but a daily clean isn't the same as getting your property ready to list for sale. When people are looking for a place to call home, they're imagining a fresh start, so make things seem like-new where possible, with sparkling surfaces, gleaming windows and minimal distracting clutter on show.

Bathroom with black and white tiles
View through patio door
Sunflowers on dining table
  • Streak-free glass and mirrors – We know it's a pain going through and sorting them all, but attention to detail really does show that the property has been cared for and looked after. Nothing works better than a vinegar-based spray and newspaper!
  • Finger marks on and around light switches and sockets - Just take a soft, damp cloth to gently remove. Use a little glass cleaner and glass cloth on more shiny sockets and switches.
  • Stains and marks on carpets – There are plenty of oxi-action products available, but if it's a makeup or trodden in oily stain, Lakeland's 'White Wonder' works a treat! 
  • Bathroom tiles – Don't leave them with mould and mildew, as nothing turns buyers off more. There are a whole host of effective products priced from just £1 in most bargain shops, or – if you really want to go to town – Screwfix offer a great product for white grout.
  • Bleach and bathroom cleaners – Pop them in a cupboard. We all need them, but they don't need to feature in marketing photos.
  • Towels and bath mats – If you have a set that you keep for guests, now's the time to dig out those new, fluffy towels along with your nice hand-washes and products. Providing your bathroom floor doesn't have marks or stairs that can't be removed, it's a good idea to take up bathroom mats and just show the flooring. Add in a leafy houseplant or two to freshen up the space and evoke tranquillity.

The stars of your show?

Selling the lifestyle your property offers to budding buyers is just as important as the decor, layout and location. As a nation of pet lovers, your beloved pet can take a starring role in helping showcase this, with buyers simply lapping it up. One of our favourites to date was Nancy the Cocker-poo giving the tour of her home in Pontcanna. Scott loves this approach to filming; giving a personable and relatable feel to your listing.

This playful approach adds a personal touch, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves and their four-legged companions enjoying all the property offers. So, if you have a well-behaved pet, consider including them in a few key photos or a few clips of the video tour. Who knows, they might just be the secret weapon that helps you find the perfect buyer!

Pet perfect

Flowers and where?

With flowers, you can go as big or small as fits your taste, ability and budget, but you really don't need to spend a fortune to make an impact. Keep in mind that there are going to be 7 to 10 days between your listing appointment and your launch-day viewings, so choice and timing are key when it comes to making the most of your floral arrangements.

Lilies are a fabulous choice because they're visually impressive, adding height and grandeur to any room, whilst giving off a glorious, tranquil scent. They make the best impact in larger entrance halls, spacious dining rooms and lounges. Just make sure you snip the stamens if you're a sneezer!

Lower arrangements of peonies look great on tables in smaller lounges and smell divine. If you have a larger bathroom and it's the season, sunflowers will look fantastic. To provide style and simplicity, you can always rely on a living orchid, or there are more and more artificial potted orchids available both online and on the high street. We can, of course, give you direction on the best ideas and even help in arrangements if you aren't a born florist!


Incorporating the great outdoors

Garden furniture

It's often forgotten about, but outside spaces have become more and more important to buyers. Whatever the size or the direction your garden faces, it's crucial that we show off how it can be utilised.

If you have a small courtyard, invest or borrow a bistro table and two chairs to show off the space. If you've already bought some scatter cushions for the beds, go and grab them and place one on each chair. Get a bottle of prosecco and two glasses or a coffee pot and two cups for the table. You can buy a couple of pots or hanging baskets for next-to-nothing, which – when all combined together – help transform a tiny, unusable space to put the bins into a space you can relax and host a BBQ in.

The same concept of displaying areas in larger gardens is also encouraged, especially to show the multi-functionality, such as the dining table and a few toys on the lawn if it's more of a family home. 

The above is largely seasonal and weather-dependent, but the basics such as jet-washing patios and decking, touching up cracked paint, cutting the lawn and putting weed-killer between patio slabs are always highly recommended.

Garden view

It's all going to be worth it – trust us!

Whilst this may all sound like a great deal of effort, taking the time to prepare your property in the right way for marketing photos, videos and launch-day viewings really can secure you thousands of pounds more than you might have otherwise expected. Remember, it's only really two days you need to prepare for – listing appointment and launch-day viewings – and they will always be close together.

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly sounding board for all of your home-staging ideas and are always here to advise. If you don't have the will or the ability to do all of the above yourself, we'll be more than happy to put you in touch with some fantastic cleaners, florists and general contractors to lighten the load.

Dog in the garden
Dog on the sofa

Even if you're not ready to sell, knowing how much your property is worth allows you to plan for the future, so drop us a line and we'll let you know much it would go for in today's market.

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Client consultation with Nathan