Presenting your property

How do I present my property best?

Deciding to let out or sell your home is often such a big step that it’s easy to forget what comes next: convincing someone else that they want it! Once your property is on the market, all eyes will be looking for what’s really there – so it’s important to make sure you’re presenting it well, to appeal to as many people as possible. A few small changes can make the world of difference to presenting a property favourably to as many prospective buyers and tenants as possible. These are just a few tips that we, as Cardiff's largest estate agent, recommend at CPS Homes to improve people’s perception of your home and hopefully encourage those offers to come flooding in!

First Impressions Count!

bathroomWhile you may be used to the door that sticks rather than closing cleanly, or the loose tiles in the bathroom, a viewer may take the view that they’re items that will take time and effort to put right, creating a negative impression in their mind. Similarly, cluttered surfaces and corners could be perceived as mess due to a lack of storage space.

So De-Clutter…

That old chestnut! The less clutter there is in a property, the more spacious it will appear, and a sense of space will improve a buyer’s opinion of its value. Tidiness isn’t just about making yourself look good – it’s easier to see the features of the property if there are fewer things distracting the eye. De-cluttering can also make you feel better about moving, as you’re cutting down the amount of stuff you’ll be taking with you!

…and De-Personalise

Remember that while you are parting with your home, buyers are looking for a house. The difference is subtle, but it affects people’s perceptions of the property if it’s overwhelmingly ‘you’! It’s best to present your house as a blank canvas, so that during the viewing the customer can mentally ‘move in’ and imagine themselves living there. Remove anything that reflects too much of your personality, because when customers can picture themselves living in a property, they’re much more likely to fall in love with it.

Go Neutral

Colour can elicit strong feelings in people and affect how they feel about a property without them even realising it – they might not see the best features if the shade of green in the living room isn’t to their liking! The best way to deal with this subconscious influence is to keep to a neutral colour palette throughout the property. You’ll also find that your rooms appear bigger, brighter and lighter with a neutral décor, but that’s not to say that a designer wallpaper on a feature wall doesn’t have its own merits! As an estate agent in Cardiff, we’ve noticed that properties with an eye-catching element of design generate a great deal of interest very quickly. But, as a general principle, keeping colours muted helps prospective buyers and tenants to connect with a property, which of course makes them more likely to take it.

Eliminate Smells

As much as you might enjoy spicy food, it’s fair to say that these sorts of smells linger – as do cigarette smoke, damp, and blocked drains. Over time, we can become used to smells, so the best thing to do is to ask a friend to come round, take a deep breath, and offer an honest opinion. If the property does have a slight odour, then the best course of action is to make sure the property is aired well and to eliminate the source of the smell.

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