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loungeLegislation within the private rented sector has become more and more complex over the past few years, making it difficult for landlords to ascertain where their legal requirements start and end. Renting a property is not just about finding tenants anymore. Nowadays, being a landlord comes with more legal responsibilities than ever before.

As a result, more and more landlords are reaching out to us. As Wales' biggest manager of rented properties and experts in landlord responsibilities, we're fully up-to-speed on what is a 'must do' and what is just advisable. Gas and electrical safety certificates, fire detection systems, legionella risk assessments, emergency lighting, Rent Smart Wales and more; at least one of our three services below will have you covered.

Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed service includes everything from tenant find, rental assessment, and comprehensive marketing, to organising maintenance works, safety certificates, and cover from our emergency maintenance response teams. We take the rental payments from the tenants and will chase any rent arrears, carry out periodic inspections, update the inventory, and take care of the tenancy deposits and any deposit disputes that might arise.

In other words, we'll manage the day-to-day jobs that you might not have time to take care of yourself and you can choose which of our individual services you prefer. Some of our landlords want to be contacted before all maintenance work; some want us to carry on with works and inform them afterwards. Some landlords like to carry out their own viewings, some just want receive regular reports by email. We know that every landlord is different, so let us know what's best for you and we'll arrange it for you.

We'll collect the tenants' rent, deduct our monthly management fee and any agreed maintenance costs, and then transfer the money to you. Monthly rental statements breaking down the figures are available for you to view online each month.

Rent Collection Service

If you're happy carrying out the maintenance but less keen on handling the money, our rent collection service is the perfect middle ground. We'll manage the financial side of things, including setting our experienced accounts team the task of chasing any rent arrears, but the tenants will still come to you with the property's maintenance issues. Inspections will also be your responsibility.

Tenant-Find Service

Our tenant-find service includes rental assessment, comprehensive marketing, employer and landlord referencing for potential tenants, credit checks to ensure their financial suitability, and the arrangement of the contract signing. We can also update your inventory and take care of the tenancy renewals if you want. If you're a hands-on landlord, and want to be involved in every decision regarding maintenance but also collect the tenants' rent yourself, this is the option for you.

Not sure what you need? Check out our services below and contact us to discuss a bespoke arrangement

Fully Managed Service

Fully Managed

Rent Collection Service

Rent Collection

Tenant-find Service


An accurate, honest market appraisal

We conduct a thorough appraisal of the current market before giving you a value for your property, based on decades of local experience and knowledge. We’ll back it up with hard facts and evidence, and we’ll even suggest what type of tenant you can expect.

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A value for today’s market

It’s easy to let a property for yesterday’s market value, but we live in the present and do more to maximise our clients’ income. As a result, we regularly have new clients tell us we’ve managed to let their property for significantly more rent than their previous agent.

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Extensive marketing

Every agent advertises on Rightmove and Zoopla (well, they should!), but how many are on the back of Cardiff buses, have a huge following on social media and have sponsored Cardiff Blues? We reach more local people than anyone else, meaning your property does too.

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Unique video tours

The way your property is presented can make or break a potential tenant's interest before they’ve even viewed it in person. Video is a powerful property marketing tool, but it needs to be slick and professional to really make an impact - a blurry, badly shot video just doesn't do things justice! Our room-by-room, professionally shot video tours use state of the art filming technology, differentiating your listing from others and providing a more memorable, immersive viewing experience.

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Big demand results in maximum rent

The exposure we get for your property helps us achieve the maximum possible rental income for you. When demand for anything is high, prices can stay high. When it’s low, prices are forced down, but thankfully demand is never low with us!

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Let within 4 days with Wales’ biggest agent

Housing more than 7,000 tenants every year, we’re Wales’ biggest agent. Such is the demand for our new listings, we’ve calculated that, on average, it takes us just 4 days to let a property.

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Fully-vetted tenants

We don’t move just anyone into your property. We ensure it’s someone who’s able to afford the rent, is in stable employment/education and, where applicable, has a positive renting history (paying rent on time and looking after the property).

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All-year-round occupancy

An empty property is no good to anyone, so it’s just as well we’re experts in keeping them filled. We average 362 days occupation each year, which is 99.2% all-year-round occupation. In comparison, the national average is a three-week void period every year.

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Considered improvement advice

When we’re out inspecting your property, we don’t just check that the tenants are caring for it. We take the opportunity to consider any improvements – both minor and more extensive – that may add value and ensure its future ‘letability’ in what is a competitive market.

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Investment purchase advice

A lot of our clients are seeking to expand their property portfolios, so we’ll happily offer advice on which purchases are best from a lettings perspective and what rental income can be expected. We even have a mailing list that gets exclusive, first-look access to new listings.

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Water and Council Tax liability

There’s a little-known legal obligation on landlords in Wales to inform the Water Authorities of any changes in tenancy within 21 days. Failure to do so can mean landlords are held liable for water bills, so we ensure they’re told along with Cardiff Council.

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Complying with the latest legislation

The lettings industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, so it’s a difficult task for landlords to ascertain what they need to do to ensure full compliance for their type of property. We’re up-to-speed on the very latest legislation, so let us take the strain.

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HMO experts

In managing more HMOs than anyone else in Wales, it’s a property type we’ve grown to become specialists in. Whether you require a HMO licence or not, understanding the legal responsibilities on you as a landlord can be complex, so let us take care of it all for you.

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Automatic rent reviews and renewals

We’ll automatically advertise your property before it becomes vacant and, whether the existing tenant is staying or going, we’ll conduct a thorough rent review to ensure your new tenancy is signed at a rent that represents the current market value.


Rent Smart Wales

The law requires every landlord to register with Rent Smart Wales, but by instructing us to be your managing agent, we’ll spare you the cost and effort of doing the training and obtaining the licence you’d legally need to self-manage.


Discounted safety certificate costs

You benefit from significantly reduced safety certificate prices due to the amount of work we give to local, tried and tested trades. Whether it’s gas, electrical, fire detection, energy performance; we’ve got them all covered and more.


A bulletproof inventory

A watertight inventory is vital in case of a dispute over damage at the end of a tenancy, so we produce a robust and thorough schedule of condition prior to each tenant moving in. It lists all fixtures, fittings & furnishings and we ensure the tenant signs it off so it’s all on record.


Regular inspections

We conduct regular inspections of your property to ensure it’s being well looked after. One of the most common things we hear from new landlord clients is that their previous agent didn’t provide feedback on the condition of the property, so we always report back to you.


Maintenance and upkeep

There may be times when something goes wrong, so we’re on hand with a dedicated Maintenance Team and a select-few experienced, trusted trades to respond quickly. You can instruct us to carry on up to an approved limit or we can always contact you first; it’s up to you.


Accompanied check-out inspections

Unlike most agents, we conduct our check-out inspections with the tenant because we find it minimises the potential for any dispute over the return of their deposit. It also makes for a speedy process, meaning tenant and landlord get their funds quicker than normal.

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