Contract-holder application form

Important: you will need to upload two forms of ID as part of this process, so please have these ready

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Rental Property

CPS Homes only deal with applications for available properties via this online application process.

Before beginning the application process, please be aware that;

- We require a completed application form from everybody aged 18+ who is intending to live at the property. We will prioritise applicants who have completed this form to its fullest. The overall application cannot be considered until all individual applications have been received.

- Every property has an 'available date', e.g. dd/mm/yyyy, which is shown on the listing. This is the earliest date the property is available for occupation, though some landlords may be happy to grant a start date of a week later. If the property is available 'now', the tenancy must usually start within the next 2-3 weeks. Please review the available date and see if it fits with your circumstances.

- If your application is successful, you don’t have to take the property. You can still ask questions if/when we call you.

- If you would like to proceed, you will be required to pay a holding deposit of a week’s rent in order to take the property off the market and reserve it. The holding deposit is put towards the security deposit (total amount shown on the listing), and you will be required to pay the remainder of the security deposit and sign the tenancy agreement in the week following payment of the holding deposit.

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Personal Details

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Next of Kin

In case of an emergency, we’d like to know who we should contact. This is usually your next of kin.

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Current Address

For applicants who are working, we need to know where you've lived in the last 3 years so we can carry out a credit check on you. If you have a low credit score and/or have been served with CCJs (County Court Judgments) in the last six years, your application may be refused.

For students, we won't need to complete a credit check, but we still require your home address (where you live outside of term-time).

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Current Landlord

If your application is successful and you currently rent a property, we will write out to your landlord for the purpose of a reference, where we ask questions such as "was the rent always paid on time?" and "has the property been kept in an acceptable condition?".

If you don't currently rent a property, the landlord may require you to have a guarantor. In this instance, please still submit your application as we can discuss the possibility of a guarantor later.

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Tenancy Details

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University Details

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Current Employer Details (the employment you will be in during the tenancy)

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Your Company and Accountant Details

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Guarantor Details

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Please upload two forms of ID. At least one must include your photo. If you are a student, please provide your student ID card as one of your forms.

Click here for a list of documents we can accept.

If you are having difficulty uploading, please send the file(s) as attachments in an e-mail to

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Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions of your application for accommodation and tick this box to confirm you understand and agree to them.

We require the information the form requests in order to fulfil our legal obligation under tenancy deposit protection legislation (Housing Act 2004). Additionally, as a legitimate interest to the landlord/CPS Homes and in order to enter into a tenancy agreement, the information is required in order to undergo referencing/credit checks, so the information is contractually required. A Prospective Contract-holder�s data may be shared with the property landlord, referencing companies, solicitors and court services if and as necessary. We will also be in receipt of information collected when the Prospective Contract-holder was a Lettings Applicant and may continue to process data in accordance with that customer type for the reasons stated previously.

For further information on why we collect your information, how we store it and how we process it, as well as your rights, please refer to our Privacy Policy.