CPS Homes Terms of Conditions for Offers

Free Pizza With Every Viewing Appointment 

1. A free pizza voucher will be issued to every full-time student who completes a viewing appointment with CPS Homes. Eligible individuals will be presented with their voucher by CPS Homes following their viewing appointment.

2. Voucher holders can claim a free 12” Margherita pizza from Fireaway, City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JD. Collection only: Mon-Thu 2pm-6pm.

3. Voucher holders may exchange the voucher for a different pizza and/or add toppings, with the difference in value payable by the voucher holder. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for anything other than pizza.

4. Voucher holders will be required to present their voucher and their student ID to Fireaway at the time of transaction. Voucher holders must make Fireaway aware of their intention to use their voucher at the point of order.

5. The offer is limited to one voucher per eligible individual per viewing appointment, so for the avoidance of doubt, if a group of 4 people view 4 properties on their viewing appointment, only 4 vouchers will be issued (1 per person) rather than 16 (1 per person per property viewed). Only an individual’s first viewing appointment qualifies for this offer.

6. Vouchers cannot be issued later, so eligible individuals must ensure they have been issued with their voucher before leaving the office.

7. Offer and vouchers valid until 28th February 2022.

8. Offer is subject withdrawal and availability.

Celebrate Securing Your New Home With a Bottle of Bubbly

1. A free bottle of 75cl Prosecco will be issued to every group of 3+ full-time students who pay a holding deposit to CPS Homes. Eligible groups will be presented with their Prosecco by CPS Homes following payment of the holding deposit.

2. To be eligible for this offer, groups will be required to have a photo taken with a bottle of prosecco. The photo will be posted by CPS Homes onto a social media platform and each individual in the group will be required to tag themselves in the photo.

3. The Prosecco cannot be issued later, so eligible groups must ensure they have been issued with their bottle before leaving the office.

4. The Prosecco must not be consumed on CPS Homes premises or immediately outside, and must only be consumed by individuals aged 18 or over.

5. This is valid until 28th February 2022.

6. Offer is subject withdrawal and availability.

Landlords: Free 3 months' management and free first-time letting fee

1. Landlords will receive their first three months’ management fee (no management fees for the first 3 months) and their first letting fee free (no letting fee for our first tenant-find).

2. This offer applies to new lettings’ instructions only and is only available to new clients signing up to our Fully Managed service.

3. This offer is only available if landlords sign up to our Fully Managed service via our standard Terms of Business with fees of; 50% letting fee, 10% management fee, £96 inventory charge and £24 deposit registration charge. A minimum two-year period applies.

4. Please make our member of staff aware of your intention to claim the offer either prior to or during the valuation appointment. The offer cannot be redeemed once terms and conditions have been signed.

5. The offer cannot be redeemed if your property is currently marketed by CPS Homes or has been marketed within the last 30 days.

6. This offer cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offer CPS Homes may be running at the time.

7. CPS Homes reserves the right to refuse this offer on selected properties and may withdraw the promotion to new clients without prior notification.