Tenancy guide for landlords - Part 9: Rent arrears | CPS Homes

Tenancy guide for landlords - Part 9: Rent arrears

Tenancy guide for landlords - Part 9: Rent arrearsIn the rare event of a tenant failing to pay their rent on time, we quickly make contact with them to establish why. We have automated procedures in place for this, which include chases via text message, e-mail and post, and we also have our staff make telephone calls and conduct house visits where necessary. If the tenant has a guarantor, we’re also sure to make prompt contact with him/her and make them aware of the situation - requesting payment where necessary.

As we sign joint tenancy agreements, if there is more than one tenant living at the property, they’re all jointly and severally liable for the total amount of rent each month, so even if one tenant has paid their share, it’s only right that they’re informed of their housemate failing to do so because it becomes everybody’s responsibility.

If you missed the previous parts of our tenancy guide for landlords, you can catch up below.

Here at CPS Homes letting and estate agents, we have the experience and knowledge to help you manage rent arrears. If you'd like more information about the landlord services we offer, please get in touch today on 02920 668585, email: enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk, or pop into one of our three Cardiff branches in Cathays, Roath and Cardiff Bay

11 October 2017


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