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New student bloc approved by Cardiff Council

Lloyd George Avenue, image courtesy of ben_salter via FlickrWith three fantastic universities, Cardiff is a hub for students looking to work hard and play hard in a beautiful and exciting city. As such, it seems that every few months, there's news of new student accommodation coming to the city in order to cater to the ever increasing student demand.

The newest student accommodation bloc to gain approval from Cardiff Council is for a building on a vacant lot on Herbert Street.

Herbert Street student accommodation

The new student accommodation bloc, which gained building approval in October 2016, will be built on the vacant land on Herbert Street near Atlantic Wharf, giving students easy access to the city centre as well as only being a short walk away from Cardiff Bay.

The land on which the student accommodation bloc will be built has been empty for 20 years, and its construction will help cement Cardiff as a city that is constantly developing and improving.

The building will be 25 stories tall, and will include 674 student bedrooms, among other amenities. Students who live in this student accommodation bloc can expect to gain access to study rooms, “dinner party” rooms, as well as a cinema and a sky bar.

Cardiff Council has given the building permission to be built subject to various conditions being met.

Luxury student accommodation

With such high demand for student accommodation in Cardiff, it has become increasingly more crucial for student accommodation providers to offer students luxury living spaces as well as other amenities to grab their attention and enthusiasm. The success of new student accommodation Arofan House demonstrates just how crucial sound design and amenities are in drawing in student tenants. As more student accommodation opens in Cardiff, it’ll become even more important to stand out in the competitive student housing market.

What landlords can learn from student accommodation

While students often stay in accommodation blocs for their first year, they often seek shared private housing in the following years. In Cathays and Roath (though this trend has begun to occur in other Cardiff neighbourhoods), a large number of properties are HMOs designed for students. Students are becoming more discerning in what they want from their student accommodation and it’s important for landlords to recognise this and understand that students will no longer accept low quality housing.

By offering additional amenities such as a tumble dryer, a landlord can increase the likelihood of their property being rented, and it’s a fact that students are more likely to look after a property that is well presented and stands out from the other students houses and flats on the market. It’s always worth knowing what students are looking for in their rental properties!

If you’re a student seeking beautiful student accommodation, or a landlord looking for help letting out your buy-to-let property, get in touch with CPS Homes today. As one of the largest lettings agents and student accommodation providers in Cardiff, our experienced staff can help you whatever your query. You can contact us online, by emailing, or by popping into our Cathays branch on Woodville Road.

11 January 2017


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