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What are students looking for in their accommodation?


The past few years have been a tumultuous period for students, especially when it comes to money; with rises in university fees, and cuts to funding and grants, the economic playing field for students isn’t particularly healthy, and it looks set to get worse before it gets better.

It should come as no surprise then that students are becoming increasingly more demanding when choosing their student accommodation, especially in the private-rental sector; they are increasingly looking for the best living space for the least amount of money. No longer are they satisfied with living in decrepit pits as per the stereotype associated with typical student accommodation. In fact, as students become more decisive about what they want in a house, it looks very likely that landlords who have bought buy-to-let student houses will face tough competition from one another.

What Students Seek

What Students Seek is an annual report compiled by Glide Utilities which gathers data from an increasing pool of students about what exactly it is they look for in student accommodation.

For example, the list revealed that the average student sets aside £84 a week for rent and bills, and over half of all private student rental properties (51.5%) come with the option to include the price of utilities in the rent. This is fortunate because  around 61% of students want to pay their rent with bills included as this allows them to deal with their finances in a much more streamlined manner, it also avoids conflict amongst housemates if someone forgets to put money towards a utility bill; 12% of students have apparently had to pay someone else’s bill(s).

Students also looking for ‘luxuries’

Students aren’t just after combined rent and bills when seeking accommodation, the survey has also found that students are looking for properties that offer the best furnishings. While it’s rather unsurprising that 61% of students are looking for bedrooms with double beds, especially in cities like Cardiff where this is the norm, what may surprise landlords is that a third of students want to rent a property with ensuite bathroom facilities; though the survey didn’t clarify whether this meant students simply want a separate toilet, or if they expected full bathroom facilities, including a shower or bathtub.

The most common thing students were looking for in their student property was fast internet, with 83% of those surveyed saying this swayed their decision when choosing a property. Also popular (72%) was a property with plenty of storage room – this, along with the popularity of double beds, shows that students are seeking houses with more open spaces, that is, properties that are closer to family homes than they are to budget hostels.

Students are more university focused

While 55% of students want their rented accommodation to be close to their university, and 31% desiring good transport links, only 13% cared if their home was in a “student area” and only 9% considered being close to clubs and bars to be an influential factor in their house hunting. The financial changes that students have seen have also led to a more determined and hard-working student body, and for this reason landlords may see a shift in demands by students over the next few years.

If you are a student looking for accommodation in Cardiff, we have a range of gorgeous properties with a variety of suitable amenities. If we have a property on offer that could be made perfect with a few simple changes, we will strive to make those changes for you! To book a viewing, pop into out Cathays branch today or contact us via email on: enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk or fill in an online form.

04 November 2015


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