What landlords need to know about Welsh housing law in 2024

Renting Homes (Wales) 2016 Act

In 2011, Welsh Government gained the devolved power from UK Government to create its own housing laws in Wales, having previously shared laws with England.

More than a decade later (December 2022), The Renting Homes (Wales) Act was put into force, which rewrote the rulebook and changed a lot of what agents and landlords in Wales had been accustomed to over many years prior. The Act means only very few housing laws continue to be shared with England, so it has been a huge learning curve for all involved.

We've created the below guidance for the topics we feel landlords need to know most about, but if you’d like more information on a subject we haven’t covered, please do get in touch.

- All Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs) were replaced by Occupation Contracts, where tenants became ‘contract-holders’. With that, 'tenant-like-manner' was scrapped, but we've recreated it in our contracts.

- Tenancy agreements are now "Written Statements" and they must include specifically-worded clauses. Welsh Government have produced a model Written Statement, but we won't be using this for our landlord clients. We strongly encourage you to read our detailed guidance to learn exactly why it may not be in your best interest to use it either..

- The way in which landlords can increase rent – and when – has changed. To avoid making a mistake and waiting longer than is necessary to receive an increased rent, it’s vital you familiarise yourselves with how things must be done.

- Contract-holders are now guaranteed a minimum 12-month tenure and the way landlords regain possession has changed. There’s agents using Welsh Gov's model contract may be exposed to unnecessary risk.

- A property is deemed unfit for human habitation if it doesn’t have a valid electrical safety certificate, a mains-wired interlinked smoke alarm system, and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a gas, oil or solid fuel burning appliance (including gas boilers). There are 29 points that must be considered when determining if a property is Fit for Human Habitation (FFHH).

- Energy efficiency rules for rental properties are often changing – most recently, EPC targets were scrapped. We'll keep you updated if anything changes.

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Let CPS Homes help

Frustrated by the complexities of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act and the industry’s ever-changing laws & regulations? We're specialists in navigating through Welsh landlord legislation and the intricacies that other agents might miss. Our Compliance Team stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our clients always have ironclad occupation contracts and complete legal protection.

By instructing us to manage your property, we will...

  • Work with you to put efficient processes in place well in advance of key dates for new legislation and regulations, ensuring you and your properties are compliant, safe and legal.
  • Provide you with the most robust Written Statement of Occupation Contract you can find in Wales.
  • Save you the cost of a Rent Smart Wales landlord licence and the hassle of ongoing training.
  • Maximise your rental income by ensuring the property is always achieving its full potential.
  • Provide you with your own representative within our Lettings and Accounts departments.
  • Produce free, professional photography as part of our standard marketing package.
  • Place you on our VIP Investor list where you'll get priority access to pre-market investment properties before they're listed online.
  • Provide you with peace of mind via our Client Money Protection (CMP) policy, professional indemnity insurance, and redress scheme membership.

To discuss CPS Homes taking over management of your property, contact our Senior Property Investment & Market Advisor, Rhys Owen, today via rhys.owen@cpshomes.co.uk or 02920 668585.

20 January 2022

The information contained within this article was correct at the date of publishing and is not guaranteed to remain correct in the present day.


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