5 simple & cost-effective home improvement tips

Wall paints and brushesHome improvements may often be considered projects that take a lot of time and financial investment, especially when looking to improve a property before selling, but a costly outlay doesn't always have to be the case.

Rather than look for home projects that require a hefty budget and weeks of home construction work, you could instead get a little creative and make a number of much smaller adjustments to several rooms or the items within it to help bring both change and improvement to your home - even the smallest touches can help revitalise an otherwise drab and boring space. Quick, inexpensive and very fulfilling!

To help kick your creative thinking into gear, we've listed a few ideas that can put you on the right track towards transforming the vibe of your property without having to break the bank.

Creative kitchen storage

The kitchen can be a place of chaos, especially if you're regularly cooking for a family. It's used several times each day, requires regular cleaning, there's lot's of food and cookware and utensils and whatever else you use in the kitchen that all needs storing. For example, dry goods such as bags of pasta, flour and sugar tend to take up valuable cupboard space, so perhaps you could look to store these items in jars placed on shelves or somewhere more convenient instead. This idea is so simple, but if you choose storage jars that compliment the kitchen décor it can really inject a homely feel along with a better sense of organisation.

Just the right light

Lighting can be used in many different ways to adjust the overall ambience of a room. It's a sought-after feature that many of us aren't even immediately aware of - think of the times you've entered a room to find huge windows flooding the space with natural light and just thought wow. Installing extra windows isn't exactly practical or cost-effective for transforming on a budget, nor will it improve the lighting come nightfall! However, adjusting the artificial lighting you have inside the home can make a considerable difference. This could involve something as simple as changing the shades of existing lamps, adding additional lamps or candles to different areas of a room, incorporating electric light cables in a shade that contrasts the colour scheme (many people opt for cable lighting behind TV units etc. to create ambience), or even just changing the light switch!

Making the most of colour

Perhaps the most obvious way to improve or change the appearance of a room is by giving it a fresh lick of paint in a new colour. You could look to incorporate a feature wall to make a statement, choose a colour that's perhaps even a little daring, or go for a two-tone finish across the room. Alternatively, colour can be introduced in many other ways if you're already happy enough with the colour of your walls. Pillows, throws, furniture, carpets, rugs, mirrors, hanging pictures, decorative items - take a good look around each room and decide if it could benefit from a splash of colour in a different way. The most difficult part (but also most fun) will be choosing the colour!

Upcycling furniture

Giving existing furniture a new lease of life can help you revamp and add interest to the room it's already in, or perhaps upcycling will mean it lends itself well to a completely new part of the home. The same can be said of garden furniture - garden benches, chairs and tables all make for fantastic little upcycling projects if they've seen better days. So, if you've been thinking of replacing some existing furniture, consider whether inexpensively upcycling may be an option instead.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

A great way to make a room appear larger is through the use of strategically placed mirrors. They come in a never-ending range of colours, styles, shapes, sizes, materials and prices, so you're sure to easily find a few that fit within any budget. Mirrors can add to the character of your home and décor in a traditional or modern way, bringing elegance and personality to even the smallest of sitting rooms or hallways. If space allows, large freestanding mirrors are also a fantastic way to boost the personality of a bedroom - along with the perfect way to check your outfit each morning!

We hope a few of these suggestions have helped you realise that even the smallest of changes to a home can have a significant impact. Who knows, if you're trying to sell your home these little improvements could even go a long way towards helping you attract a buyer by making your home look more appealing and inviting.

Whether buying or selling, our team of property experts here at CPS homes are ready to help. To discuss your personal situation don't hesitate to contact us by calling 02920 668585, e-mailing enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk or by popping into one of our three Cardiff branches.

18 November 2020


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