Raising the property value before selling

Sian Hiatt, Sales Manager at CPS Homes in CardiffSian Hiatt, Sales Manager, explains why it may be worth considering a few home improvement projects before putting your house on the property market...

One tricky conundrum that many homeowners face when gearing up to sell a property is whether they should invest both time and money on home improvement projects to increase the value. Of course, this would be done in hope of selling the house for a higher price and thus maximising profits.

Improving the most important rooms

Many people view the kitchen or bathroom as perhaps the most important room in the house and renovating either can certainly help add significant value to the property. However, entirely renovating a kitchen or bathroom also comes at a price, not to mention added time and potential disruption and inconvenience to your life for a short while during the works - but if increasing the sale value is your aim then these are certainly two rooms to target. If total renovation proves too costly or time consuming, you could consider simply improving the aesthetics by doing smaller improvements such as re-tiling the walls, upgrading the worktops or replacing the shower unit and taps with something fresh, modern and eye-catching.

Sprucing up the garden

Homeowners typically tend to their garden in one of two ways - it's either an outdoor space they regularly make use of, so is therefore landscaped and well maintained, or it's somewhat left on the back burner with minimum maintenance to simply stop it from wildly overgrowing. One thing that can't be denied is that when it comes to buyers on the hunt to buy a house, the garden does matter quite a great deal in many cases, especially for those with a family or who are wanting to grow a family. It's an extension of the property, so getting it in order to help increase interest could be something worth actioning.

Increasing available facilities

If you have spare storage cupboards downstairs in a large family home you could perhaps consider converting this into a downstairs toilet. Many people will be willing to pay that little bit more for a property that offers extra bonus facilities like this. If your property has a driveway this is another area you could look at, as you can never have too many parking spaces available. Is there an opportunity to open up or extend the driveway in some way to accommodate more vehicles? If so, this could drive the interest of potential suitors towards your house - excuse the pun.

There are many ways a property can be improved to help raise the value before a sale and though it's probably not possible to do them all, it's still certainly worth looking into the things that you can do. Even if they are minor cosmetic changes that make little impact on the asking price, they may still help achieve a sale a lot sooner.

If you'd like to learn more about how CPS Homes can help you sell your property then don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert sales team. With branches across Cardiff, we're perfectly placed to offer the expertise and local knowledge you need. Contact us today by calling 02920 668585, e-mailing enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk or pop popping into one of our three branches.

15 July 2020


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