Did you know it costs less than a latté to dry your clothes in a tumble dryer?

We speak to a lot of tenants who are put off using their tumble dryer because of the cost to run it, so we thought we’d do a little digging and work out how much they actually cost.

Tumble Dryers and efficiency graph

The answer – on average – is just 70p per load (assuming it’s a full load and takes two hours) or £1.40 per month (assuming two full washes per month), which is considerably cheaper than other essentials, like;

  • Your Monday morning motivational coffee @ £2.50 a time (£130 over the course of the year)
  • Your '4 for £10' VK deal each week (always popular with students!)

Admittedly, the overuse of tumble dryers won’t do any good for our environment*, so if you have a washing line and the Cardiff sun is shining (ahem!), then absolutely use it…

…but if it’s one of our all-too-common wet days, then be sure to use your dryer because drying clothes on radiators can create a great deal of condensation in your property due to the excess moisture in the air. And you won’t have your underwear on display when your friends come over!

Not only that, but as the black mould that builds up as a result of condensation is caused by living conditions, tenants may be charged for the removal of it come the end of their tenancy. When you consider contractors charge in the region of £35 for a call-out plus the cost of materials, that 70p per load looks a whole lot cheaper!

*P.S. Speaking of the environment, did you see our bamboo toothbrush giveaway recently? It’s not too late to claim yours!

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29 February 2020


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