Cardiff suburbs prime for renting - Part 1 of 2

Houses in East Grove CardiffWhether you’re familiar with the suburbs of Cardiff or entirely new to the area, finding an ideal location to call home can be both daunting and difficult. This is often especially true if you’re renting, as the choice can seem overwhelming with an endless list of viewings, costs and fees to figure out, as well as making sure you’re in the right property and in the right area.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to rent then fortunately you’re in luck, as here at CPS Homes we’re experts on the Welsh capital! That’s why we thought it’d be useful for us to use our knowledge and put together some information on a few Cardiff suburbs that you could consider renting in.

Here are three of the best areas in Cardiff for renting and be sure to keep a look out for part 2 which will focus another 3 areas.

Renting in Roath

Roath is in the north west of Cardiff and it’s a fantastic spot for great food and socialising, as well as being home to the much-loved Roath Park. It’s also an area that’s a great hit with students as there is always so much going on and is a particularly great place to be in the height of summer.

Local amenities
Roath is blessed with a host of great hotspots, such as the bustling Wellfield Road which alone is lined with tasty restaurants and independent stores. There are also regular festivals hosted here, as well as easy access to supermarkets and just about every necessity you will ever need.

Cost of renting
Properties in Roath generally rent for between £600-750 per month but can vary quite wildly depending on which part of Roath. For example, you can expect to pay a premium to rent a property alongside or near Roath Park due to the demand in the area.

Renting in Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is a place that is always mentioned whenever someone is asking about great rental areas in Cardiff, and this is with good reason.

There is always a host of activity going on in Cardiff Bay, and it’s also easy to venture into the city centre from here, as well as being within easy reach of Penarth. There are plenty of apartments available across Cardiff Bay, and many offer stunning waterfront views.

Local amenities
Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay is a beautiful and vibrant area with bars, restaurants and a variety of leisure activities to keep you occupied, from the Wales millennium centre through to the red dragon centre with cinema, bowling and a range of eateries. There is also the International Sports Village which is home to the Cardiff International Pool, Ice Arena Wales and Olympic standard Cardiff International White Water which is the capitals very own rafting and indoor surfing centre. Furthermore, there are a range of supermarkets and shopping outlets in this area, such as Morrisons, Asda, Boots, IKEA and much more.

Cost of renting
The majority of properties available in Cardiff Bay are apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, though townhouses are also available in some parts.
Several new developments have been built in recent years, and rental costs can vary quite significantly. Higher end properties can demand well above £1000 per month, although plenty of one bed apartments and flats can be found for budgets of around £600 upwards, and two bedrooms tend to start from around £700.

Renting in Canton

Last year Canton was named as one of the trendiest places to live in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. This area offers an impressive arts scene, as well as some fantastic places to eat.

Local amenities
There are plenty of artistic hotspots within Canton, such as the popular Chapter Arts, as well as much-loved eateries that can cater for every taste. Canton has access to plenty of local shopping, and the fact it’s within proximity to the city centre adds to its appeal for many.

Cost of renting
The rental costs in Canton typically range from £600 to £950 per month, with plenty of flats, entire homes and house shares available.

Are you looking to rent a property somewhere in the city of Cardiff? If so, get in touch with our friendly team who just so happen to know this wonderful capital city inside out! Call into one of our three Cardiff branches, e-mail us at or give us a call on 02920 668585.

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07 November 2018


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