Cardiff suburbs prime for renting - Part 2 of 2

A row of terraced houses in CardiffLast week we published the first of a two-part piece that is highlighting 6 Cardiff suburbs that are prime for renting, and part one included Roath, Cardiff Bay and Canton.

This week, part two is focusing on 3 different areas of Cardiff that are well worth considering when it comes to finding the perfect suburb for renting. Though it may make things a little more difficult for you to decide, it still goes to show just how lucky we are to have a beautiful city with so much on offer!

Renting in Pontcanna

Just like Canton that we previously highlighted in part one, Pontcanna is also a suburb in Cardiff that was listed as one of the trendiest places to live in the UK thanks to its creative and chic vibe, large properties and tree-lined streets that are bursting with charisma and charm.

Local amenities
Pontcanna is home to some of the best eateries in Cardiff, with top quality restaurants and cafes that largely have an independent feel all offering residents a treat when it comes to dining out or grabbing a coffee with friends. There are also plenty of boutique shops and homely pubs that create a real community feel and help add to the charm in this part of the city.

As well as this, there is also Pontcanna fields with a section of the Taff trail conveniently running through it. The fields also contain a lovely pathway that leads right into the heart of the city. This makes Pontcanna a perfect area all year round, conveniently situated on the brink of the city and one that has proven to be the area of choice for many dog-owners in Cardiff.

Cost of renting
The area of Pontcanna has a reputation for being a fantastic place to live and coupled with being located right next to the city centre inevitably pushes prices up. Cathedral Road is the main street that runs through Pontcanna, and you can expect to rent a property here for somewhere in the region of £700-950 per month. Some two and three-bed properties are likely to command over £1000 per month, but if your budget can stretch to these rental prices then it’s an area that is most definitely worth investigating.

Renting in Cathays

If you’re looking for an area that contains the most students in Cardiff, then Cathays will be up there. This is due to Cathays being the home of Cardiff University, and as a result you can expect to find plenty of young people here giving the area a vibrant atmosphere. But don’t be fooled as it’s also very popular among young professionals due to the busy activity that can be found on the main streets.

Local amenities
There are an abundance of take-aways to suit every taste in Cathays as the area is suitably catered towards the student crowd, but there are also a host of popular restaurants that help pull in the punters from outside the area. Cathays is also served with plenty of local stores and supermarkets, so everything is within easy reach no matter where you are located. There are also several popular watering holes that can offer a fun social outing any night of the week.

Cost of renting
Rental costs in Cathays typically range from £300 to £850 per month, with house shares being towards the lower end and targeting the students, and full properties at the higher end targeting the working professionals.

Renting in the City Centre

Last but not least, Cardiff City Centre. As you’d expect, the city centre has everything a tenant could ever need. From bars and restaurants through to cinemas, theatres and sporting stadiums, city life in Cardiff has it all. That includes green parks and Cardiff Castle!

Local Amenities
You’ll never be short of options in Cardiff City Centre as there is a huge range of shopping choices, restaurants, bars and various events and activities constantly taking place. The city centre is also home to some fantastic bars and clubs, and the nearby Bute Park offers a welcome retreat for those who’d like to escape the hustle and bustle if just for a while.

Cost of renting
If you’re keen on renting in the heart of Cardiff, you can expect to pay upwards of £700 per month for a one bedroom flat, with properties commanding £900 or more per month in the most popular areas of the city.

To find your perfect rental accommodation in Cardiff, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team here at CPS homes. You can e-mail us at, give us a call on 02920 668585 or pop into one of our three Cardiff branches.

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14 November 2018


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