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Happy tenants make for a happy landlord

Evaluation - love it or hate it, as a landlord you need to get to grips with assessing in order to get yourself ahead of the competition in the property world. Could you honestly answer us if we asked you what your tenants really thought of your property and services? Don’t be alarmed, this certainly isn’t to catch you out or to test you; it may feel unnerving but getting feedback from tenants can put you ten steps ahead of the game, so it’s time to rethink your tenant strategy! CPS Homes strives to provide the best possible service to each and every customer. We aim to provide landlords and vendors with unrivalled marketing exposure of properties, and a proactive service that is of a higher standard than any other available in Cardiff.


The top complaints

During 2014, PropertyReporter discussed an article released by Property Let By Us, in relation to what landlords need to do in order to keep their tenants happy. The answers were insightful and somewhat amusing, but above all, provided a clear perspective as to the level of service that tenants expect. The biggest annoyance expressed was the amount of time it takes to deal with a problem reported; 40% registered a two week wait before the matter at hand was dealt with. A massive 80% of tenants said that their landlord should deal with problems like mould and condensation, as well as pests and vermin, while over half of the occupants surveyed think that the landlord should deal with noisy neighbours.

On a lighter note, one in six tenants believe that it is the landlord’s responsibility to mow the lawn and tidy the garden, but an even more fascinating statistic indicated that 6% of residents expect their landlord to clean the fridge and pay the utility bills. When talking about checking-out it was highlighted that one in ten felt that it should be the landlord’s responsibility to clean the fridge and oven, whilst 6% kept it a little simpler and expected the entire property to be cleaned. Shockingly 4% actually expect the landlord to pay for any damage to carpets and furnishings at the end of the tenancy. 

What’s next?

Rented House

Although there were some very idealistic suggestions put forward within the survey, the overall information received is something that should definitely be considered over time. Requests regarding cleaner fridges, ovens and tidy gardens may amuse you but what you should take from this is how to manage your tenants’ expectations. Do your occupiers think any of the above? Have you actually asked them? Did you know that 12% wish that their landlord was more approachable? It can be really frustrating when you do not know how to resolve a difficult tenant matter but communication is a good start. If you have a better relationship with your tenants, you can manage expectations and potentially even improve your property by taking on (certain) recommendations from someone who actually lives in the property.

How to go forward

If you don’t already do this, it would be a great idea to ask your tenants to complete a survey for you, to get tangible feedback in order to improve your services. By asking what they are happy with, what they are not happy with, and anything else in between, you can ensure that you have a house full of happy tenants. If this is something that you would like to do, but need a little help, get in touch. We have several services available to assist landlords in making their tenants happier. We look forward to hearing from you! 

04 March 2015


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