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New homes to be built in East Cardiff

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Persimmon Homes submitted an application this week to Cardiff Council's Planning Committee for a scheme to build 1,000 new homes near Pentwyn. Also, the Council has announced a partnership with Bouygues to rebuild the Maelfa Centre in Llanedeyrn. These schemes tie in with Cardiff’s plan to build 45,400 homes and supporting infrastructure by 2026.

Cardiff Local Development Plan

In October 2012 Cardiff Council published the Cardiff Local Development Plan (LDP) Preferred Strategy, aimed at preparing and allowing the continued growth of Cardiff. We’re welcoming more and more new inhabitants every year and the city needs to grow along with its population. This is why newly instructed properties are let within 6 days! As a result it is necessary to build more houses, to create jobs and to make sure that infrastructure is adapted. New projects are announced regularly to improve transport and housing capacities.

1,000 new homes near Pentwyn

The LDP says that 8,000 new homes could be built in East Cardiff, near Pontprennau – 6,000 homes west of Pontprennau and 2,000 homes east of it. If the scheme submitted by Persimmon Homes is given the go-ahead by Cardiff’s Planning Committee, 1,000 homes will be built on 60 hectares of farm fields close to Cardiff Gate. St Ederyn’s Village, the name announced for the estate, would include houses but also shops, a park and a primary school. We will know soon if this scheme is given a go-ahead. For now you can check out the development map posted on WalesOnline to see what changes to expect if the project is accepted.

A second life for the Maelfa Centre in Llanedeyrn

Llanedeyrn Maelfa Centre was created in the 1970s and would benefit from being regenerated. Cardiff’s Council has given the green light to Bouygues for this £20m scheme. The scheme will see the demolition of the shopping centre (with many empty shops nowadays), the day care centre and the former home for the elderly. They will be replaced by a pristine new shopping parade, a library, a day centre, a brand new Police station and about 100 new homes. The landscape will also be improved. This change is likely to be welcomed as the Maelfa Centre is felt by many local people to be increasingly unsafe and out of date.

We are glad to see that the LDP is being taken seriously and that schemes are being put forward to build more houses. Projects like St Ederyn’s Village raise concerns about the loss of green spaces and traffic congestion, but any scheme to build as many houses as planned by the LDP will raise the same concerns.

Meanwhile, if you are a tenant looking for a place to rent or a landlord with a home to let, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

12 April 2013


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