Should you have a lounge in your student HMO rental property?

Today's students are social creatures that crave comfortable, modern living spaces that foster a sense of community. A very basic student house with just bedrooms and a kitchen simply doesn't cut it anymore! A communal living space (whether that’s an entirely separate room or an open-plan kitchen/lounge) is a must-have, and here’s why…

Enjoy increased demand

In a crowded student market, not having a dedicated lounge will put you at a disadvantage. Many students we speak to wouldn’t even consider student accommodation without one. Students groups are usually fresh out of halls where they have smaller bedrooms and less space on the whole, so a living area is one of the first things they’ll put on their wish list. They want it to feel more like ‘home’ than halls did and a lounge provides the perfect social hub for movie nights, game nights, studying together or simply hanging out. Having a lounge in the property will translate to higher demand for your student HMO, reducing vacancy periods and maximising your return on investment.

Encouraging tenant satisfaction

A lounge helps cultivate a sense of belonging and encourages interaction between occupants. This can lead to a more positive living experience for everyone, potentially reducing disputes and creating a sense of shared responsibility for keeping the property clean and taking care of it well.

Consider an open-plan alternative

Whilst, legally, landlords aren't obligated to provide a dedicated lounge in their student HMO, it's highly recommended. If space is tight, consider converting a smaller bedroom into a communal lounge. Don't have the space for a separate lounge?  A large, open-plan kitchen/living room could be a great alternative. The open-plan style is increasingly popular and we get student groups coming in requesting this more often than ever. Local councils may have their own requirements regarding living areas, so make sure to check these to keep your HMO property compliant.

Considering letting a property to Cardiff students?

At CPS Homes, we provide our fully managed clients with ongoing, value-for-money improvement advice to help maximise rental return and get the very best from their buy-to-let property. Our recommendations will always earn you money in the long run, making sure your investment holds and builds on its value, long into the future. To arrange a chat with us, call 02920 668585 or email We’ll help you tailor a strategy that aligns with your investment goals.

05 June 2024

    The information contained within this article was correct at the date of publishing and is not guaranteed to remain correct in the present day.


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