Securing the right contract-holders (tenants)

With demand for properties to rent higher than ever, it’s of the utmost importance to use a more stringent, careful selection process in order to secure the most reliable and worthy occupants. In years gone by, landlords and agents would often employ a ‘first-come, first-served’ approach, but with demand as high it is at the moment, asking probing questions of each would-be contract-holder (tenant) shouldn’t be overlooked.

With living costs rising and wages failing to keep up, you need to be confident that that your chosen occupants have sufficient income to spare. If they can only just about afford the rent after standard living expenses now, the prospect of a 12 month tenancy – by which time the cost of living is going to have risen again – could raise genuine concerns about ongoing affordability.

Our landlord clients trust that the contract-holders we source for them have undergone rigorous checks to ensure they’re suitable occupants. Our digital application and signing processes also help to ensure a fast turnaround on getting renters into their properties securely, with no corners cut. As well as collecting photo ID and proof of current address, we carry out the below measures:

Our checks for those in employment

  • Credit checks: We ensure occupants have a passable credit score and no history of County Court Judgements (CCJs).
  • Employer references: We confirm affordability by obtaining employment details (income, employment dates and whether their contract is temporary or permanent).
  •  Landlord history: If occupants rent or have previously rented, we’ll contact their current or previous landlord to get an indication of their quality as a contract-holder. We’ll confirm they have a history of paying their rent on time and keeping the property in good order. For first-time renters, we may request a financial guarantor for additional peace of mind.

Our checks for students

  • Guarantors: Student contract-holders are typically very stable and prompt payers. The vast majority are in receipt of a student loan that is paid to them termly. We also ask that every student provides a financial guarantor who is 25+, a UK homeowner and lives in the UK. In the rare event of arrears, their guarantor will be pursued for the payment if we cannot obtain it from the student. We verify ID and request proof of home ownership for all guarantors (confirming they’ve got an asset should the worst happen where a case goes to court and a judgement is made against them).
  • Proof of student status: We verify student status to guarantee eligibility for student-only properties and council tax exemption.

Strength in numbers

All our tenancies are joint tenancies, meaning each person (and their guarantor, if applicable) is jointly liable for the full amount of rent each month. So if one tenant does not pay their share of the rent, a landlord is well within his/her right to seek payment from the remaining tenants and guarantors. When you’ve got a large property, that’s a lot of liability, so many landlords prefer the increased security offered by a joint tenancy.

If you manage your own properties or work with another agent, take the time to ascertain whether the checks being carried out are sufficient. Working with CPS Homes means letting with clarity and confidence: your property will be always be well looked after, void periods will be at an absolute minimum and we can even guarantee your rent if you’d like an extra layer of protection. If you have any questions, get in touch with me directly on 02920 668585 or email

31 January 2024


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