Keep your home mould-free with Cardiff Council's guide

Keep your home mould-free with Cardiff Council's guide

Condensation – which causes mould – is extremely common during autumn and winter when temperatures drop. So much so, Cardiff Council have produced a complete guide on what occupants must do to a) prevent it or b) treat it.

If you notice what looks like mould in your home, before reaching out to us it's essential for you identify what's triggering the problem. That starts with understanding the difference between mould and damp. A problem with the integrity of the building causing damp is solely your landlord’s responsibility. But if its a case of mould forming as a result of condensation, resolving that is a shared responsibility between you and your landlord. 


If the issue is tied to the building's integrity (like a leaky roof from a broken tile or some missing rendering letting in rainwater) you’ll be able to spot some tell-tale tidemarks or wet patches on your walls or ceiling. This is what we call "damp," and in such cases, your landlord takes charge of sorting it out.


More often than not though, the culprit is condensation. It starts off as tiny water droplets and eventually takes on the form of dark-coloured spores, commonly called "mould." Condensation happens when the moisture in the air meets a cold surface, like windows, walls (especially the outside ones), or your furniture.

Not sure whether an issue in your property is damp or mould? Click here for photo examples and further guidance.

We encourage you to have a full read of Cardiff Council's guide. It may seem a bit lengthy, but it's packed with useful information that can make a real difference in looking after your living space and preventing condensation. We fully support Cardiff Council's efforts to ensure your experience renting in Cardiff is top-notch and that starts with working together to make sure your living environment is a healthy one.

01 November 2023


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