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How we've helped to raise £5,000 for St. Andrews Church in Roath

Taking an active role in our community is something we've done since day one, and the more we grow as a business, the more we can give back.

One of the partnerships we've been passionate about for many years now is our sponsorship of numerous events in Roath organised by Nathan Wyburn and Wayne Courtney, Welsh media personalities and radio hosts.

The dynamic duo make a tremendous, all-year-round effort to support the Roath area of our city, including the much-loved St. Andrew's Church, but they ramp it up at Christmas time and we're always more than happy to put our hands in our pockets to help out!

Drag queen in action at St Andrew's Church

We were exceptionally proud to sponsor and help fund "Dragged to Church" last month, a festive drag extravaganza like no other, for the fourth year running. The unique event brings Cardiff's best drag queens to the altar, putting on a show for members of the congregation and other locals who fill up the church pews to enjoy the host of dazzling performances.

Dragged to Church 4 Poster

A massive £5,000 was raised from the 2021 performance, which went towards repair work needed to restore the church so it can continue to function as a community hub for a number of diverse groups. This year, some of the proceeds also went towards a community Boxing Day Dinner that provided a hot meal and some company for anybody in Roath who felt lonely over Christmas.

Drag queen on stage at St Andrew's Church

The 2021 show made it to BBC One's 'The One Show' and ITV news and there's even a feature film in the works! Starring BAFTA-winning Eve Myles, the film will tell the heart-warming tale of how the LGBTQ+ community and Christian congregation in a small Welsh town came together to bring a beloved church back from disrepair.

As well as saving the church, Wyburn and Wayne's events do a lot to raise the profile of Roath, encouraging visitors and letting people see all the good things that make it such a great part of the city. Maybe we're biased with our office being on Albany Road, but we think it's one of the friendliest parts of Cardiff you'll find.

It's been a real pleasure to help put on such a fantastic local show - bring on this year's!

Audience at Dragged to Church 4

Wyburn and Wayne at Dragged to CHurch 4

Dragged to Church 4 in lights on organ pipes

07 January 2022


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