These improvements earned a landlord £575 more rent per month

We recently helped a landlord achieve £575 MORE rent per month through our improvement suggestions.

The photos below speak for themselves - applying a fresh coat of paint to all rooms, swapping to stylish bedroom furniture and investing in a new, modern kitchen have transformed this student house.

If you want to boost the value of your investment and have your property stand out from the ever-increasing competition, get in touch today.

Bedroom 1


Bedroom 1 Before


Bedroom 1 After

Bedroom 2


Bedroom 2 Before


Bedroom 2 After

Bedroom 3


Bedroom 3 Before


Bedroom 3 After



Kitchen Before


Kitchen After

Want us to help you add value and appeal to your property, optimising your rental income? Get in touch today on 02920 454555 or email our Senior Property Investment and Market Advisor, Rhys, at

12 November 2021


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