5 tips for an eco-friendly move to University

Students browsing in a shopAs we enter the summer, it's time to start preparing for the big move into your student accommodation. There will be a lot to think about – what to bring, what to leave at home and how to pack it. With some planning and resourcefulness, you can take steps to make your move a greener one, minimising any negative impact on the environment.

Making considered, eco-friendly choices tends to go hand-in-hand with saving money, as you'll find out in our tips below. Looking after our planet and your bank account at the same time is something we're sure everyone can get on board with!

1. Don't over-pack

So, you're going through your bedroom and deciding what's going to make the cut. This is the perfect opportunity to blitz the room and be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of everything you no longer need. A massive £140 million worth of used but still wearable clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year, so once you've got your donation pile sorted, pay a trip to your local charity shop and you'll be doing your bit for a good cause too.

You should also remember not to bring too much from home, especially large items. They may not even fit when you get there and you may want to leave space as you'll likely accrue more belongings throughout your time at Uni.

2. Buy used

Why not get your essentials second-hand, in local charity shops, on Facebook Marketplace, or websites like Preloved? The fashion industry is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases and pollution, so empty your online shopping cart and rid yourself of the temptation to do a big ASOS haul for a new wardrobe. If you're studying in Cardiff, you'll have a number of shops where you can grab vintage and preloved clothing on your doorstep. Save room in your suitcase and pick up a couple of unique second-hand pieces when you arrive instead!

3. Ditch cardboard boxes and bubble wrap

When it comes to transporting your things, use the 'reduce, reuse, recycle' rule:

  • Reduce – If you're already bringing bags, laundry bins, backpacks and anything that you can fit other items inside, use them instead of cardboard boxes, or other reusable containers.
  • Reuse – Skip bubble wrap if you can (it's terrible for the environment!) and wrap fragile items in towels or bedding.
  • Recycle – If you have used cardboard boxes, make sure you recycle them when you get there (or at least remember to store them flat and use again when you move out).

4. Don't forget your reusables!

Nothing gets you through a 9am lecture like a strong cup of coffee, but most paper coffee cups are an eco-disaster, so remember your reusable mug. A reusable water bottle and lunch box are two other sustainable staples worth packing. Getting into the habit of bringing a lunch box will help you limit the amount of times you cave in and grab a plastic-heavy meal deal between lectures, and will help minimise food waste too.

Cardiff is rich with some fantastic eco-friendly stores too. We backed Cardiff's first-plastic free supermarket, Ripple Living, when they first opened and they're still going strong, so pick up reusable shopping bags, natural cleaning products and tons more when you get here.

5. Leave your car at home

This one's a big one when you factor in saving the money that would be spent on petrol, which should instantly appeal. But choosing to travel by foot, bike or public transport is a lot kinder on the environment, lowering your carbon footprint. If you're a Cardiff student, you'll probably be living in Cathays, where you're never more than a 10 minutes' walk from what you need. Most of our student properties are a stones' throw from the main University buildings, but even if you live a little further out, try to see the extra steps as exercise and use Uber sparingly!

We can't wait to welcome our new tenants to our student homes this summer. Are you currently searching for high quality, private student accommodation in Cardiff? View all of our student properties in Cardiff online with video walkthrough tours or call us on 02920 668585 for a friendly chat with a member of our student lettings team.

16 July 2021


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