5 benefits of shared student accommodation at University

Groups of students in a living roomStudents typically opt for a house share after their first year in halls as it's ‘the done thing' and everybody else is doing it. But there are many wonderful benefits to sharing a house, some of which will be invaluable for your personal growth and elevating your University experience to the next level. If you're on the fence about whether it's the right choice for you, read below to find out a number of positives you may have not yet considered.

1. You'll build relationships and make friends

With private rented accommodation, you usually find you become a lot closer with your chosen housemates than you did in first year when you were chucked in with a random group. You might find yourself agreeing to live with a few ‘friends of friends' you've not spent much time with yet, which might sound daunting, but can be a lot of fun if you keep an open mind.

We've had students come into our office as freshers moving in with people they've barely known and they've ended up sticking together for the next 3 or 4 years, making friends for life. With any luck, you'll find yourself with a great support system that makes your house feel like a home.

2. You'll save time and money

It's almost always significantly cheaper to share student accommodation than it is to go for a private room or a one-bedroom flat, as you'll split the cost of rent and bills (and perhaps some décor, toiletries and food shop essentials!).

Shared houses and flats in Cardiff also tend to be based in the main student areas, so you'll be close to everything you need. Location is key, so we make sure all of the student properties we list are in prime locations near the main University buildings, with most in the thriving student hub of Cathays, a stones' throw from all the best restaurants and pubs. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your favourite local for a post-lecture pint and since you're not paying all the bills yourself, you'll have a little extra cash in your pocket to spend there too.

3. You'll learn how to share

For many, learning to share is out of their comfort zone and something they need to adapt to. Arranging your morning bathroom schedule around others and taking it in turns to buy the milk….don't worry, you'll get used to it! On the plus side, you'll be sharing all of the cleaning and maintenance duties too.

You'll also share moments as well as things. You'll spend time with other students who may come from a different cultural background or have completely different values, but are going through the same shared experiences as you. You could find yourself with a shoulder to cry on when you're up at 2am missing home or gaining a post-night-out cooking pal to help with that must-needed Sunday morning fry up.

4. But you'll still learn how to be independent!

Living with others will help you to learn the importance of doing your bit and playing your part in keeping a household running smoothly. You might even find you're the best at delegating and dealing with difficult conversations. Someone not paying their rent on time or persisting to blast Kiss FM from their room when you told them you'd really appreciate a good night's sleep before tomorrow's exam? Great opportunity to build on your communication skills and get assertive! After Uni, you'll be sure to encounter all sorts of characters at work. Getting used to navigating conflict diplomatically is a great way to get prepared for the ‘real world' that lies ahead.

5. You'll learn a ton of transferable skills

More than likely, you'll arrive with some knowledge of how to carry out simple household tasks, but not all of them. As a group, you can learn from each other. Maybe you're the only one in the group who knows how to bleed a radiator and can share it with your housemates. Then when it comes to turning off the water supply after a leak, you don't have a clue, but someone else might be happy to demonstrate! As for the things none of you have experienced, you can learn and go through it together – sometimes it's a little easier with support from other people rather than tackling everything alone.

Are you and your group searching for high quality, private student accommodation in Cardiff? View all of our student properties in Cardiff online with video walkthrough tours or call us on 02920 668585 for a friendly chat with a member of our student lettings team.

18 June 2021


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