Is renting in a house share a good idea?

Nathan Walker, Sales Director at CPS Homes in CardiffNathan Walker, Sales Director, provides a little food for thought to help renters who are considering renting in a house share..

Have you considered renting in a house share during your property search? A house share is a popular option among students but given the right circumstance, it can also make a lot of sense for some working professionals as well. Moving into a house share is a very different proposition to living by yourself in your own property and as with all rental options, there are many advantages and disadvantages for a tenant to consider.

Many tenants tend to rule out a house share on the basis that they want an entire property to themselves, and if that is the case without room for compromise then a house share is unlikely to be right for them - but if you are open to compromise or keen on the idea of sharing a property with other people, do read on before coming to a decision either way to learn a little more about what you can expect from shared accommodation.

Sharing the costs

If full privacy within their own property is the main reason a tenant might be against a house share, the likely financial savings that can be made is surely the main reason a different tenant might be all for it. Sharing a property with other tenants has the great benefit of meaning all bills are also shared. This includes the rent, utilities, internet or TV subscriptions and anything else that all tenants make use of as a group. This financial benefit provides a tenant with a fantastic opportunity to increase their savings towards something that’s more important to them - such as getting a deposit together for their first home purchase perhaps!

A chance to avoid loneliness

For those sociable souls the beauty of a house share is most of the time there will always be someone to have a chat and hang out with. It’s a great way to meet new friends and ensure you avoid any bout of the lonely blues that living by yourself might bring.

Of course, on the flip side this does mean that relaxing by yourself to watch your own TV shows or listen to your own music is often likely to be restricted to your own private room. 

Sharing utensils, various items, equipment etc.

It’s not just communal spaces you’ll have to share, but also communally shared items. Things such as pots, pans, plates, cutlery, furniture and the like will all have to be shared and cared for by everyone - unless you choose to purchase and store these sorts of items in your own room for your own personal use of course! It means all tenants will have to work out a mutual agreement with regards to cleaning and re-stocking certain items, which may also mean you’re exposed to the risk of someone using the last of the milk or helping themselves to your toiletries if you’re not careful!

Falling out with housemates

In the majority of cases we find that tenants are very compromising with each other and manage to figure out differences of opinion in a respectful way, but it’s true that everyone can’t always get on with everyone all of the time. Even if you happen to get on with the other tenants just fine, that’s not to say that they will also all get on with each other just as well, which means you run the risk of living in a house share that contains a touch of tension between certain house mates. But as we stated, in most cases house mates work out their differences just fine.

For those who are open minded, sociable, compromising and keen to save financially, a house share would probably be a perfect option to consider. For those who prefer total privacy, their own space and prefer ruling the roost over the entire property, then it’s probably not such a great idea.

For expert help and advice with your search for the ideal rental property in Cardiff, contact our knowledgable lettings team here at CPS Homes. You can contact us by calling 02920 668585, e-mail or pop into one of our three Cardiff branches for a face-to-face chat.

05 May 2021


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