Our new video guide sees student enquiries soar...

We wanted to do something different this year and be the first letting agency in Cardiff to take students through the rental process from start to finish via a video guide, giving them complete peace of mind for when it comes to organising the big move. So we picked up our camera and followed first year student, Sophie Williams, on her journey to finding the perfect house with CPS Homes.

Watch above for our professionally shot video which gives students a 'behind the scenes' look at what to expect when finding a property with ourselves.

So...how can this type of marketing benefit you?

Letting to students can be an excellent option for landlords, with high demand and longer rental periods, but it's important to go with an agency that really knows the student market. After many years of experience and speaking with students about their experiences, one thing we’ve found is that they expect the process to be a lot longer and more difficult than it actually is. We want to show that, at least with ourselves, it’s a relatively easy process and video seemed the most effective way to show that. 

It’s predicted that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017. So we know students are far more likely to click a video than sit down to read a long, written guide!

We chose to work with Sophie, a first year Cardiff student and used her insight to format an on-screen approach students would respond to. We went for a ‘vlog’ style, to keep things on trend and produce a piece in the style of a video student might pick to watch on YouTube, keeping things light, chatty and relatable. We also want students to know that we are unique with the way we market our properties, so included clips of our new, high quality property video tours.

Sophie outside the students union

In short, we wanted to push the message forward that we are the number one agency when it comes to connecting with students and providing them with a great service. As a consequence of that, we can retain their trust and the credibility that will ultimately maximise rentals on your properties. From posting this video we’ve had more video tour views, more enquiries and have had some great feedback on how what we’re doing stands out from our competitors!

If you have been considering letting your property to students and wish to know more, get in touch on 02920 668585 or email lettings@cpshomes.co.uk.

08 February 2021

The information contained within this article was correct at the date of publishing and is not guaranteed to remain correct in the present day.


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