More conditions for self-managing Welsh landlords to adhere to

Rent Smart WalesWe recently wrote about the need for landlords to renew their Rent Smart Wales (RSW) registration after five years.

It’s not only registrations that last for five years. RSW licences held by self-managing landlords need renewing after the same length of time, so many will be in a position whereby they need to renew their registration and their licence in the coming months. There is a cost for both.

REMINDER: Landlords who instruct CPS Homes to fully manage their property do not need a licence.

When renewing, landlords will notice that RSW have introduced new licence conditions to adhere to. These include;

  • Inspecting HMOs every six months and non-HMOs every 12 months, with the first visit to be made within the first 2-6 months of the tenancy. This means check-in inspections won’t count. A routine visit checklist has been produced to assist.
  • Completing further training, this time on the legislative changes introduced by The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016, which will be implemented during the term of the licence.
  • Having to provide tenants with a written complaints procedure. A template has again been produced to assist.
  • We’re told self-managing landlords can also expect details on a new training matrix, including Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points, in the near future.

These conditions were introduced on 1st July 2020 and apply to landlords obtaining a new or renewed licence after that date.

Read the licence conditions in full here.

With landlords regularly being asked to do more in order to comply with laws and standards, many have turned to CPS Homes in recent times. We’re able to;

  • Save you the cost of a landlord licence and all the conditions that come with it (see above).
  • Spare you the cost and time of further training.
  • Buffer you from the questions and demands of the local authority and Rent Smart Wales.
  • Address any issues or problems via our designated Maintenance & Inspection Teams.
  • Provide you with peace of mind via our Client Money Protection policy, professional indemnity insurance, and redress scheme membership.

If you’d like to hear more about what we’re able to offer, or if you’d like our advice on continuing to meet the conditions of your licence, we’re happy to help. Drop me an e-mail via or call me on 02920 668585.

07 December 2020


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