Is it time to renew your Rent Smart Wales registration?

Rent Smart Wales (RSW) celebrated its fifth anniversary as the country's single Licensing Authority last month (November 2020).

As is well-known by now, it is a legal requirement for a landlord to register themselves and their properties with Rent Smart Wales, but a lesser known fact is that registrations only last for five years.

As a result, with the scheme having launched on 23rd November 2015, landlords who registered very early on have had to renew their registrations in recent weeks, with plenty more due to do so in the coming weeks and months.

In order to continue complying with the law, it's imperative that landlords renew before their expiry date. There’s even a little saving to be made for doing so.

  • New and revoked registration: £45 online or £84 via paper
  • Renewing a registration: £36 online or £67.20 via paper

To take advantage of the renewal fee, landlords must apply within 84 days of the expiry date. If a landlord has an existing registration but allows it to expire, this will incur a new registration fee and not the renewal fee.

We've heard that RSW are sending out text message reminders to landlords ahead of their expiry date, but our advice is to check now when your registration expires and pop a reminder in your calendar for a couple of months before.

Do this by logging into your Rent Smart Wales account. You will find your registration expiry date shown in the box below when you first login.

Rent Smart Wales registration

04 December 2020


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