Five minutes with the dream team

Student property gurus Ellie, Emily and Nadine talk chippy lane, zoom quiz nights and learning to change a light bulb.

(Pictured: Ellie)

Your favourite Cardiff takeaway?

ELLIE: It’s got to be F.A.B burgers, the best burger I’ve tried in a long time!

EMILY: Sushi Life on Wellfield Road.

If you have friends visiting Cardiff what are your top 3 places to show off the city? Can be anything!

ELLIE: Cardiff wouldn’t be Cardiff without the Rugby. So, taking friends to a rugby match at the Principality Stadium. Cardiff Bay is a great spot for drinks; Gin and Bake have the most amazing gins. And Castle Coch is perfect for a Sunday stroll.

EMILY: DEPOT for the best street food!

What were the best and worst things about lockdown?

ELLIE: I have a big family so not being able to see them as much as normal was challenging. On a positive note, I had a lot more free time which I spent trying to perfect my cooking skills.

NADINE: It was disappointing having to celebrate all my friends’ birthdays over Zoom instead of hitting the bars. Most of all, I missed the birth of my nephew and seeing my niece. On the flip side, I loved the opportunity to be lazy.


(Pictured: Emily)

Best tried and tested ideas for group Zoom/House party entertainment?

ELLIE: Those that are based around the friendship group, funny times, embarrassing times and old baby photos are the best.

EMILY: Fancy dress quiz nights!

How old were you when you first changed a lightbulb?...honestly.

ELLIE: I must be honest; I don’t think I changed a lightbulb until I moved out and went to uni. Even then I had to ask my Dad which type of lightbulb to use.

Favourite film from your ‘student’ 18-21 years?

ELLIE: Pretty Woman was and still is one of my favourites. It is a strong classic.

EMILY: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Finish the sentence… You can’t call yourself a local (Cardiffian) unless you’ve…

ELLIE: Sung along to Tom Jones’ Delilah with the crowd at a Welsh rugby game.

EMILY: Ended a night out on chippy lane!


(Pictured: Nadine)

What’s the hardest part of your job? Most fun part?

EMILY: The people I work with and the tenants who I love chatting to make every day fun. I also love being the first to see the newly renovated properties.

NADINE: Getting up early in the mornings is never going to be my favourite thing.

What advice would you give your 18 year old self on renting a house with friends?

ELLIE: Girls are actually messier than boys!

EMILY: Don’t rush into getting the first property you see, have a look around first.

NADINE: Make sure they are clean and tidy people and will share the cooking!

Everyone has a good idea for an app, what’s yours?

ELLIE: A laser tag app. Being able to play laser tag in your house with your housemates would be amazing!

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25 November 2020


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