No deposit? No problem.

Completed this September, we helped the landlord of this 6-bed HMO on Coburn St, Cathays develop a property with extra-durable features.

Spending a few extra pounds in a few key areas has made the house far more robust, benefitting landlords and tenants from a deposit or pursuit of damages perspective.

Below you'll find our top tips for an extra-durable, hard-wearing, robust HMO!

Kitchen photo
Tip #1: Use a hard-wearing floor in the communal areas

We utilised a porcelain tile throughout the ground-floor communal areas, which included the kitchen, dining area, lounge and main entrance hallway.

This wood-effect porcelain tile is from local Cardiff supplier, Mandarin Stone.

Bedroom photo
Tip #2: Invest in better quality bedroom furniture

We recommend investing in better quality bedroom furniture for less frequent replacements.

This "Mix-it" furniture set from John Lewis is a great range and comes in various colour options.

Built in seating photo
Tip #3: Consider using built-in seating with durable fabrics and materials

Fitted furniture helps minimize clutter and is an efficient use of space.

Using a highly-durable fabric such as the "Just Colour" range from Chieftain fabrics, as shown in the image above, will help your furniture last even longer.

It's fire-retardant, stain-resistant, antimicrobial and antifungal. We recommend opting for a fabric with a high rub count of 100,000 or above. The "Just Colour" range has a extreme Martindale rub count of 1,000,000!

Crown paint pot photo
Tip #4: Select a scrubbable paint

A highly-durable paint like the "Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt" from Crown Paints is a worthy investment. It's 100% stain-resistant compared to conventional matt emulsions and has superior cleaning properties.

Table photo
Tip #5: Concrete table in the dining area

The landlord purchased a real concrete dining table with sturdy metal legs. It's extremely durable, scratch and heat-resistant, yet easy to clean with just soap and water!

15 October 2020


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