Tenant help - the purposes of a check in and check out report

Tamara Price, Lettings Manager at CPS Homes in Cardiff, South WalesTamara Price, Lettings Manager, explains why the inventory report during check in and check out is beneficial to tenants...

Many tenants have typically viewed the checking in and checking out process - particularly the signing of the inventory report - as something that is put in place to protect the landlord and their property. In fact, many tenants used to pay very little attention to it and saw it as somewhat of a nuisance that had to be quickly dealt with so that they could get on with living life in their new home.

However, the introduction of deposit protection schemes back in April 2007 has slowly changed that outlook as tenants are now much better informed about their rights and obligations to their landlord, but they're now also appreciating how the checking in and out process also benefits them just as much.

Three main purposes to the property check-in process:

  1. Legal admin - to ensure all paperwork is complete and correct by the time the tenant moves in, keys must be at the ready for the hand-over and any information about security measures must also be prepared so that they can be communicated.

  2. Inventory - to establish an accurate condition of the property and any contents that are included.

  3. Orientation - to ensure the tenants fully understand the emergency safety procedures for the property, and how utilities and other equipment are operated correctly and safely.

The inventory report will be carried out shortly before tenants move in either by an independent professional, or in some cases the landlord themselves. No matter who it is that conducts the inventory report, as a tenant it's important to thoroughly check the inventory as soon as possible upon moving into the property so that any queries you may have over any of the information in the report can be raised immediately.

The rest of the check in will likely be carried out either by the managing agent of the property, the landlord or in some cases the independent inventory clerk. Even if an inventory clerk is doing the check in, it's still ideal if the managing agent or landlord is also present so that:

  • the relationship between parties can be further established

  • the tenant has an opportunity to ask any immediate questions directly to the person who will be dealing with their tenancy

  • ideal forms of communication between the parties can be clarified

The check out process also benefits tenants

When it comes to the check out process at the end of the tenancy period, the most important thing is the condition the property is being left in. Whether it's the managing agent, landlord or inventory clerk conducting the check out, the original inventory report that was used during check in should be to hand for an immediate fair and accurate comparison. It can then be agreed during check out whether any damage or unreasonable wear and tear has occurred in the property throughout the tenancy, as this can help avoid future disputes that may be difficult for either party to prove.

Many tenants are often in a rush during check out and are tempted to quickly drop the keys off with the agent in a dash or simply leave them in the property. The point mentioned above highlights why it's important to understand that as a tenant, being there in person during the check out is of just as much benefit to them as it is to the landlord.

If you have any other questions regarding the check in/check out process and inventory reports, or would like general advice about about renting a property, don't hesitate to contact our expert lettings team here at CPS Homes. We have branches across Cardiff, so you're welcome to pop in and see us. Alternatively, you can call us on 02920 668585 or drop an e-mail to enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk.

01 July 2020


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