Safely moving valuables during your house move

Nathan Walker, Sales Director at CPS Homes in CardiffNathan Walker, Sales Director, presents us with a few helpful ideas to ensure our valuables are safely transported during a home move...

If you have any experience of moving from one home to another then you may understand how easy it is for your belongings to get misplaced during transportation, or even damaged or completely broken. From small household appliances like the kettle and toaster, to electrical chargers or fragile ornaments - it's not always as straight-forward as you might think to keep track of your possessions and easily relocate them without having to unbox everything in a crazed hunt when you want that something in particular right that minute.

While misplacing your toaster isn't the end of the world (but still a surefire way to ruin your first breakfast in the new home!), losing your passport, jewellery or other items of significance or high financial value can certainly pose a more stressful problem. To keep track of these important possessions, I've pieced together this little guide to help you safely and securely transport your valuables during a home move.

Box up your valuables first

No matter what size your property is, whether a small flat, large house or anything in between, things can quickly turn to chaos on moving day if things aren't planned. To protect your valuable belongings before the move has even started invest time beforehand to make sure they are safely packed away before anything else. This will allow you to pack them away properly and place them somewhere secure until you move them out with no rushing, no stressing and nothing to distract you.

Make a note of where valuables have been secured

I'm sure we've all stored something away before and then forgotten where it was that we put it when we next need it. Even if it's a matter of weeks or a few days, it's a risky business relying on your memory with so much going on in the lead up to the move! To avoid losing all of your safely stored valuables in one fell swoop, make a note of where you placed all important boxes, files, folders etc. You could make a note in your phone, or write the locations down on a slip of paper and then keep it in a purse or wallet or stick it onto the fridge door.

Consider a storage unit

If you want to go the extra mile and ensure your valuables are well and truly stored away securely then you could consider packing them up and putting them into a storage unit. This could also be useful for larger items that you perhaps won't need immediately when you move into the new property. Removing all valuable items from the home at the very beginning will ensure they are kept out of harms way throughout the entire moving process. If paying for a storage unit isn't ideal then perhaps you could ask trusted friends or relatives to store some important boxes for you until the move is complete.

Hire a trusted removals company

Some valuable items may be too large to be packed away into boxes or to be easily placed into storage during the move. For this sort of item your best action may be to utilise the services of a reputable removals company who will be able to professionally transport your large valuables and track them during the entire journey. They will have the expertise required to ensure things are carefully packed and moved appropriately without sustaining any damage. Furthermore, they will also be able to place the items exactly where you want them in the new home.

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10 June 2020


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