Amenities to help attract quality tenants - Part 2 of 2

Tamara Price, Lettings Manager at CPS Homes in CardiffTamara Price, Lettings Manager, brings us part 2 of a 2 piece article that highlights a number of amenities that landlords could consider to help attract a quality tenant...

Continuing on with part 2, I take a look at a few other amenities you may want to consider including in your rental property to help attract happy and long-lasting tenants. No landlord enjoys void periods and they tend to only come about when you're looking to secure your first tenant, or when you're looking to replace one that has either vacated or who is soon to vacate. Therefore, the aim is to secure the right tenant as quickly as possible so that the amount of time your rental property is kept vacant with no incoming rental payments is kept to an absolute minimum.

To do this, a landlord needs to ensure the property is marketable to potential tenants. Including some of the amenities mentioned across these two articles may go some way towards separating your rental property from the competition.


Who doesn't love a dishwasher? It's difficult to imagine that a dishwasher won't help improve the daily life of your tenants, unless of course they find washing the dishes manually therapeutic! Even if current tenants opt against using a dishwasher for therapeutic reasons or because of high running costs the next ones that come along may really appreciate it, so it's worth you at least considering whether one can be installed into the kitchen if space comfortably allows.

Cosy fireplace

There's surely no better way to improve that inviting homely feel to a property than by a cosy fireplace. An efficient fireplace not only looks the part, but can also really help cut down on heating costs during the cold winter months. There are plenty of different types of fireplace you could consider, from a true fireplace with chimney in place, to gas varieties and wood-burning stoves. Of course, your options may be limited due to the type of property but if it's a viable option it may be worth it if you really want to treat those tenants to a special home.

Walk-in wardrobe

This one may be reserved for the larger homes, but if the property allows for a walk-in wardrobe then this is sure to appeal to those renters who value additional storage space highly. Perhaps you could re-model a bedroom or look at ways to expand an already existing storage space. This is something you could also consider if you're renovating a property in preparation for the rental market, by looking at ways to open up rooms by knocking through walls between a large room and a small room. You have to weigh up all the pros and cons of course to see what makes the most sense for your property, but it's an amenity that may be worth considering in the right environment.


The internet is now a huge part of daily life and you'll be hard pressed to find someone who has no use for the internet in this day and age. It's everywhere. Including a wi-fi internet connection is likely to be seen as super beneficial to many tenants, especially student tenants if that's who your property caters for. It's a small offering but can make a big impact, and great deals can be had on internet packages. Including internet with the rent will no doubt appeal to many renters.

Remember, you have to think about the property and the type of tenants you're hoping to attract while weighing up whether any of the amenities mentioned across these two articles will have a positive impact. They not only need to make sense to your property and tenants, but they also need to make sense financially.

Are you a landlord in Cardiff looking to source the perfect tenant for your rental property? If so, why not read through our landlord guide for some useful tips? Our lettings team are always on hand here at CPS Homes to offer guidance and expertise every step of the way, so don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your letting needs. Call us on 02920 668585, e-mail or pop in-branch and speak to us face-to-face.

03 June 2020


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