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Amenities to help attract quality tenants - Part 1 of 2

Tamara Price, Lettings Manager at CPS Homes in CardiffTamara Price, Lettings Manager, brings us part 1 of a 2 piece article that highlights a number of amenities that landlords could consider to help attract a quality tenant...

Are you curious to find out what can attract quality tenants to your rental property or keep your current tenants happy and in place? If so, perhaps you have scope to incorporate some of the popular amenities that many renters are looking for while property hunting.

To help you out, I've put together this 2-part series that lists several top amenities that plenty of tenants either look for or appreciate in a rental property.

People's wants and needs change throughout their lifetime and this can be reflected in the amenities that are wanted within a rental property. For example, the things a single young professional may expect or require in a city centre studio flat may be very different to that of a middle aged family in a three bedroom house in the countryside. Paying attention to your property, the tenants you hope to attract and the changing trends in rental property amenities (technological advancements etc.) will help keep landlords at the cutting edge of what renters are looking for.

A washer and dryer

Most properties have the connection hookups for a washer and/or dryer, so it might make sense to invest in these appliances and offer them within the property. Many tenants often rent a property for a relatively short time, perhaps a year or two, therefore including a washer and dryer is likely to prove an attractive inclusion for them. You could also consider washer and dryer rental options so that you don't have to purchase them outright, and see if there's a way for the additional costs to be sensibly built into the rent so that you're not eating into your profit.

Air conditioning

This is likely to only be a useful idea if your property tends to get very warm inside during the hotter months. If this is the case, then to keep tenants happy - or to impress those you may view the place on a hot summers day – built-in air conditioning could be the answer. You'd need to consult with an air conditioning specialist to have in installed properly, but if this proved too costly you could also look at alternative options such as a window unit in the bedroom or something like a swamp cooler or ceiling fans. Either way, a potential tenant is sure to be impressed if a property offers air conditioning.


If your typical tenant is a first-time renter moving into their very first place, or targets a tenant that is more than likely only looking to stay short-term such as a professional working away from home, then you really should consider offering the property fully furnished with furniture. Many renters will want to eliminate the hassle of having to find things like beds and sofas alongside their property search, so they will often seek fully furnished lets only.

Garden patio or decking

If your property is lucky enough to come with some outdoor space why not look to turn some of it into a garden patio or wooden decking area to help lure potential renters over the line? This will help them imagine how they could utilise that space with different scenarios, especially during the summer months where children can play or where family and friends can enjoy a barbecue and some socialising. Even if you don't have available funds to build an actual patio, you could always consider placing a patio set with a table and chairs in a suitable spot.

Hardwood floors

A quality hardwood floor can really add a superior feeling to most rooms. Wood flooring can offer warmth and durability while coming available in a range of grains and colours to suit the interior of the home, and being able to advertise that your rental property comes with hardwood flooring can help separate it from other similar properties available to let. Pure hardwood flooring can of course be costly, so this may put many landlords off, but affordable wood laminates are also available that can replicate the look at a fraction of the cost. You could also be selective with the rooms and key areas that are fitted with wood flooring, such as the hallway, living room or master bedroom.

Be sure to check-in on part 2 where I'll be listing a few more amenities you can consider to help attract those quality tenants.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to get in touch with the expert lettings team here at CPS Homes if you'd like to discuss getting your property on the rental market or would like to find out more about the property management services that we offer. Call 02920 668585, e-mail or pop into one of our three Cardiff branches.

27 May 2020


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