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Tips to help you choose the right estate agent to sell your home

Sian Hiatt, Sales Manager at CPS Homes in CardiffSian Hiatt, Sales Manager, provides a few tips to consider when it comes to choosing the right estate agent to help you sell your home in Cardiff...

It's always a huge step to take when you decide to sell your property. Whether it's because you want to move into a new home that's bigger or smaller, to relocate for a change of scenery or because of a job opportunity elsewhere, no matter what the reason it's always a decision you have to put a great deal of thought and planning towards beforehand. A huge part of that planning is making sure you market the property in the best way possible to ensure you strike a sale that you're happy with - this is where choosing the right estate agent to help you achieve just that is vital.

Nobody can predict precisely how the property market will next shift, but the right estate agent can certainly make the process of selling your home a lot less stressful while also dramatically increasing the chances of finding the right buyer who will purchase for the right price in a timely manner.

Find an estate agent with expert local knowledge

It's all well and good understanding how the property market works, knowing how to best present a property, being able to list it on property portals and the such - but to really link all of this together to make it work in the best way possible you need to use an estate agent who has expert knowledge of specific area you are selling the property in. Don't be afraid of asking the agent about properties they have sold in that particular location in the past, and whether they have prior experience of selling properties just like yours. You could also look at homes for sale around the surrounding streets and areas to see which agents they are selling their properties with.

Don't instantly choose the cheapest agent

The fees that estate agents charge for selling a home can vary depending on a number of factors. In most cases a percentage of the final sale price is taken, while others may offer to sell the property for a fixed upfront fee. The fee for selling your property should be one thing among many that you consider when deciding which agent to choose. There are many other things that you should consider while researching each agent on your shortlist, and this should all help you decide which agent is best positioned to help you sell your property - not simply a case of finding out who is the cheapest and going with them.

Think about the house viewings

You may be the one who knows your property inside out better than anyone, but are you comfortable showing potential buyers around? Even if you are, do you believe you're well equipped to answer questions in the best way possible regardless of whether they are related to something positive or pointing out faults? Most sellers feel much more comfortable having someone else deal with the stream of viewings, so think about the role you want to play and how much involvement you want to have with the actual sale of the property. This is something you can discuss with estate agents and will help you get a better feel for the different levels of service that each agent can offer you.

Find an estate agent you can put your trust in

Perhaps the most important of all is finding an estate agent who you can trust. You want your agent to have your best interests at heart at all times, to give you honest advice and to do all that they can to help you sell your home to the right buyer at the right price. To ensure this you really do need to do your research beforehand. You can look at online reviews, ask opinions of friends and neighbours, check the experience of the sales team and speak to them directly to see if you believe a strong and positive working relationship can be built. A clear and mutual understanding of your objectives and the ability to communicate effectively will be a huge help towards achieving the ultimate goal.

Do you have a property to sell in Cardiff? If so, our experience and expertise in home sales across Cardiff could be exactly what you need. Contact our sales team here at CPS Homes to find out more about how we can help. You can call us on 02920 668585, e-mail or pop into one of our three branches.

20 May 2020


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