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Future-Proof Your Lettings Property

Tamara Price - CPS Homes Lettings AdvisorLet us help you maximise your return by working together to produce a 5 year dynamic lettings plan to ensure the future success of your property!

With increasing competition from Purpose Built Student Accomodation (PBSA) and newly renovated HMO’s, properties that haven’t had any recent attention may fall behind the competition in what’s rapidly becoming a tenant market here in Cardiff. Proactive is nearly always better than reactive action in life and property, so we’d like to work with you to reduce the likelihood of void periods, dropped rents and huge surprise costs

We can help you produce a dynamic plan to gradually upgrade your property that won’t cost the earth, but will always drive up rents. Why dynamic? Well, things can always wear better than anticipated – for example, a whole new bathroom could be avoided in favour of new flooring and a lick of paint, and we have to be adaptable to sudden changes in the market.

Managed clients of ours see that we attend their properties for regular inspections to nip any major problems in the bud early. Over the years, plenty of Landlords have told us that we offer by far the most feedback on the condition of their property than any other agent; we want to be proactive in ensuring we can get you the most out of the market.

Our Lettings and Maintenance Teams pride themselves in being forward-thinking and always seeing the bigger picture with your best interests at heart. There is more to lettings than just finding tenants, and we know that our processes work hand-in-hand to get you the highest possible rental income.

Whether a current client of ours or not, we're available to meet with you to discuss how we could implement this strategy on your property and ensure successful renting for years to come. Just drop me an email or give me a call on 02920668585 to discuss! 

19 March 2020


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