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Tamara Price, Lettings ManagerTamara Price, Lettings Manager, provides us with a few useful tips that can help us make a rental property feel more like home...

The number of people renting has been continually rising with many renters choosing to spend decades in the same rental property and even raise families in them. The idea of a rental property for some is simply a temporary place that can be utilised while working away, or to tie people over for a few months, or to see how two people find living together before deciding to buy their own place. For many others, a rental property is their long-term home - so making sure they feel comfortable and happy with the property from top-to-bottom is extremely important, and this can be achieved by personalising it.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to re-model the bathroom or have a new kitchen fitted, but there are certainly things you can do to personalise the property without upsetting the landlord.

Things that make you smile

Surrounding yourself with things that are important to you and bring happy memories to the surface can help transform an emotionless space into a home filled with smiles. You could display things that you have bought on trips or things that have been gifted to you over the years. Things that have sentimental value and things that you have held onto since childhood. Anything that brings joy to your life!

Wall art and mirrors

One thing that can frustrate many renters is the decoration - some landlords may be willing to accommodate your taste if you’re there for the long-haul, but others will insist everything remains neutral.  This can mean rooms often feel cold and impersonal, but luckily there are things that can be done to improve this tenfold. Large canvas prints or oversized mirrors propped against a wall can make for showstopping focal points while adding depth and drama to a room. Paintings and other works of art that you appreciate can instantly bring a drab looking room to life and make it more your own. Do check with the landlord first to ensure picture hooks can be placed on the wall - if they can’t, picture hanging strips may be a fantastic alternative as they are able to hang most things of reasonable size and weight.

Colours and textures

You may not have much control over the wall paint and flooring (unless you’re lucky), but you do have total control over the colour and textures of the items around you. Large statement rugs can provide comfort and style to a room while covering the majority of any flooring you’re not overly keen on. A selection of difference sizes, colours and designs can create a trendy bohemian vibe. Settees and armchairs can be draped with fluffy throws and soft, colourful cushions that match your taste. Accessories such as candles, ornaments and vases full of your favourite flowers can all go a long way towards helping each room feel more your own.

Freestanding storage furniture

A lack of storage is a problem for a lot of people. Those who own a property can often create built-in areas such as extra cupboards, drawers and shelving units in kitchens, bedrooms or hallways. For renters, this is just a perfect opportunity to get a little creative! This is where freestanding storage units can be incredibly useful. A great example are bookcases in the living room as they can add plenty of character while helping keep clutter at bay.

Bring a little nature indoors

House plants are a great low-cost way to lift the mood in your house and help it feel pleasant and welcoming. If plant maintenance isn’t your thing, there are high quality artificial plants and flowers available instead that can create the same effect. Cacti are another great option as they are stylish, very low maintenance and extremely durable.

You may not be able to change the fixtures and fittings in a rental home or re-paint the walls in a different colour, but hopefully these tips can help you realise that there is still plenty that you can do to make it your own. It’s the people and the things inside the property that count and can make the real difference, so focus on the changes that you can make and offer plenty of love and attention to those instead!

Here at CPS Homes we’re proud to be Cardiff’s largest lettings and estate agents with branches across the city. If you’re looking for the perfect rental property, then do contact us so we can help you every step of the way. You can call us on 02920 668585, e-mail or you’re very welcome to pop in branch to speak to us.

11 March 2020


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