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Why you shouldn't dismiss an empty property

While sat at home browsing through the images of property listings potential buyers will often point out their dislike in the seller’s taste in décor, furniture, or life of clutter and hoarding - so much so, it can often put certain buyers off the idea of even considering the property as a possibility. The same can be said of an empty property, as a blank canvas can often go undesired or overlooked despite offering potential buyers a range of benefits.

Why might an empty home be worth that second look?

An empty property that’s left unfurnished can still be beautiful, or made to look beautiful, but they don’t appear to attract the same level of attention from home buyers as furnished properties that are currently lived in do.

Good visual images that highlight the best aspects of a property from all the right angles can certainly help entice viewers through the front door, but we’d urge unfurnished homes with internal photographs that are perhaps a little less inspiring to not go ignored or totally dismissed from the get-go. A property that is stripped of furniture and that homely feel can still allow a buyer to put their imagination to the test, mapping out each room exactly as they see it so that the full potential of the house can be realised.

What should you consider when viewing an empty property?

Think about the bigger picture

When viewing an empty property it allows the viewer to witness complete transparency in terms of the actual condition the property is in. There can be no secrets to the internal condition - on an aesthetic level, at least - if there is nothing there to cover it up. It also allows prospective buyers to gain an accurate understanding of the actual size of the property. Buyers can take on board the structure and space that is available in a more obvious way, more so than a home that’s full of another’s belongings.

Let your imagination run wild

With no existing sofas, large wardrobes or cluttered collections getting in the way, an empty home affords prospective buyers the opportunity to put their imagination to the test and really picture it exactly as they’d like it with their own furnishings and decoration in place. Empty properties provide a blank canvas, so the lack of distraction should help the creative buyer really consider how to make their own mark.

Consider the importance of the selling chain

When a property is empty it’s because the seller doesn’t live there and this can be music to the ears of many buyers as it typically makes the sale far more straight forward. It may also allow for greater flexibility with a moving date, so consider how important this may be to you. Empty properties are often completed in a much quicker time with any potential property chains much less likely to fall through - and may also be open to strong price negotiation depending on the circumstance.

Don’t assume there must be something wrong

The property could be empty for any number of reasons, so potential buyers should not be quick to dismiss it by thinking there must be something wrong. The sellers may have relocated overseas or moved to a different city due to work commitments. The property may simply be a second home that is no longer wanted or there may have been a bereavement and the property now has to be sold.

With less assumptions and more due diligence a potential buyer may quickly realise that an empty property for sale is still the dream home after all.

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04 December 2019


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