How capital gains tax changes will impact landlords

Changes to capital gains tax rules will come into effect from April 6th, 2020, resulting in many tax advisers urging landlords to consider selling their buy-to-let properties in order to avoid a hefty increase in their tax bills.

Couples who are breaking up, accidental landlords and those who have purchased a second home before selling their first one could all face an unexpected tax bill that will take a large slice from their profits if they sell after the change to capital gains tax rules come into effect. Many experts within the property industry are warning that most people who are likely to be impacted by these changes are unaware that they are even set to happen.

How capital gains tax changes will impact landlords

  • Current lettings relief will be banished, meaning owners will no longer be afforded to ring fence £40,000 of gains in property values.
  • The 18-month capital gains tax-free period that landlords currently enjoy will be cut in half to 9 months.
  • Capital gains tax bills will be payable in full within 30 days, as opposed to the current up to 22 months ahead that CGT is paid at a rate of 18% for basic tax payers or 28% for higher rate tax payers.
  • From April 6th, 2020, only landlords who opt to share their main home with tenants will be in a position to claim lettings relief.

Landlords warned they could face financial shock

Tax advisers warn that landlords who are unaware of the tax changes could end up facing a huge financial shock next year, so it’s important that anyone who may be considering selling up in the near future sits down with an expert to number-crunch as soon as possible.

Some accountancy firms claim that several of their clients will have to face paying out extra capital gains tax that will total more than £20,000 if they delay property sales until after the new rules are put into action.

The scale of the tax increase will be so substantial for many landlords that it’s making them question whether they want to hold onto their buy-to-let properties or sell out now before the tax changes. Selling a property is likely to take several months or more in many cases from start to finish, and landlords don’t have a great deal of time to make their decision. Experts say this acts as a strong disincentive, among others, for new buy-to-let owners who are being increasingly hit by the taxman.

The Treasury hopes to raise as much as £500 billion from the new tax changes by 2024. All landlords pay capital gains tax if they sell a property that has increased in value by more than the annual exempt amount - which is currently £12,000. Landlords who once lived in a buy-to-let property as their main home at some point during ownership can clam letting relief.

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23 October 2019


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