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10 ideas to help sell your home

When it comes to selling your home it’s important to put your house in the best position possible to attract buyers. Competition to achieve that sale means you have to ensure your property stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons, but how can you go about doing that without investing a significant sum of cash?

According to new research carried out by the HomeOwners Alliance and the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), how the property appears from the outside matters to two thirds of home buyers.

Robert Bartlett, director of RGB Construction in Cardiff, says small jobs such as replacing broken roof tiles, cleaning up the garden or improving the front driveway can make a huge difference when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a property. This in turn can help achieve a sale that’s as close to the asking price as possible, and these are jobs that can cost as little as £100-£500 to undertake.

Larger property improvements such as extensions, conversions and extensive renovations can all add significant value to your property and will also help attract buyers, but the outlay will of course be a great deal more.

So, what sort of things can you do to help sell your home without breaking the bank?

We’ve listed 10 ideas with approximate costs as estimated by the FMB.

1.      Repair your driveway and pathway

Approx. cost: Making simple repairs to your driveway and pathway might typically cost in the region of £100-£500 depending on the damage that needs repairing, but as it’s the first thing a buyer will see when viewing your property it’s an investment that may be well worth making.

2.      Clean up your front garden

Approx. cost: Cleaning up a neglected and overgrown front garden would cost around £150 for one day’s work, but like the driveway and pathway, the front garden presents your property and is one of the first things a buyer will see - first impressions can certainly count.

3.      Replace missing roof tiles

Approx. cost: Having to replace missing roof tiles is something that can easily put a buyer off, especially if another property they’ve viewed and liked the look of has no issues with their roof tiles. Replacing five missing, loose or cracked roof tiles will cost around £190 and will take up to one day. Be aware that additional costs for scaffolding may be required.

4.      Spruce up your front door

Approx. cost: How does your front door fare? Redecorating your front door may cost around £200 or less but can add significantly to the kerb appeal of your property.

5.      Clear your gutters

Approx. cost: The gutters around the property is something many people neglect for a long time, meaning leaves and dirt and all sorts of other debris can build up making the gutters not only work less efficiently but also look less appealing as well. Cleaning and repairing your gutters to top-notch presentable standard would cost you around £250.

6.      Repaint the front of your house

Approx. cost: Choosing a suitable colour (perhaps avoid outlandish colours when looking to sell!) and painting the front of your house to make sure it appears fresh and well cared for would cost around £550.

7.      Replace or paint your fence

Approx. cost: Building a new fence could cost up to £1,500, depending on the materials used, but if your fence is already in good condition then hiring a professional to repaint it is likely to cost around £90 per panel (including labour). A fence is what offers privacy and is something that is never missed when scanning the garden of a property, so making sure your fence is in top condition will go a long way towards impressing a potential buyer.

8.      Hide your bins

Approx. cost: There’s no getting away from the need of a wheelie bin, and quick, easy access to it is important to. But that doesn’t mean you have to flaunt your bin to everyone – a natural willow wheelie bin screen storage to disguise your bins from passers-by and viewing buyers can cost just £49.99.

9.      Install exterior lighting

Approx Cost: A house with plenty of exterior lighting can prove a big bonus for many buyers. Hiring a qualified electrician to add handy exterior lighting to your property is likely to cost between £250 and £750.

10. Repair or redecorate the windows

Approx. cost: If your windows are wooden and haven’t been touched for a decade or more, you can expect repair or redecoration to cost between £1,000 and £2,000, so this is one of the more costly ideas. The good news is that beautiful windows in fantastic condition can drastically improve the appearance of your property, and this could be the all-deciding factor in not only attracting a buyer but attracting one that’s willing to pay a lot more for the property.

Are you looking to sell a property in Cardiff? If so, our knowledgeable sales team here at CPS Homes are ready to help. Contact us today by calling 02920 668585, e-mail enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk or pop into one of our three Cardiff branches.

09 October 2019


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