How to clean & maintain your washing machine

Person crawling into a washing machinWe rely heavily on our washing machine, so looking after it to ensure it works as efficiently as possible will mean our clothes are also treated to the best wash possible.

It’s easy to take our washing machine for granted, but with a lack of simple maintenance your clothing items will eventually not feel or smell as fresh as they once did. Look after your washing machine and it’ll look after your clothes!

Do you remember the last time you did some upkeep that would benefit the performance of your washing machine? If not, then now is the time to make a change and keep your appliance happy.

Follow these tips to ensure your washing machine remains in top working condition for longer:

Clean the detergent drawer

The drawer can be one of the trickiest parts to keep clean on a washing machine. This is because it can get clogged up with slimy old liquids and is often found as the source of leaks. To reduce the risk of blockages, unpleasant smells and unreliable washing results, fully remove the drawer from its compartment and give it a thorough clean with hot soapy water and a toothbrush to get in all the corners.

Clean the filter

Some washing machines are equipped with filters that catch fluff, dust and random items that have been left in pockets. They are useful to have, but only if they are working correctly. Clean the filter by turning off the washing machine, grabbing a shallow tray and opening the filter door. Most filters are removed by twisting the handle or unclipping it from the machine. Once you have the filter, remove anything that it’s caught so that a blockage doesn’t build up. If the blockage is particularly difficult to remove, try soaking the filter in hot water, then give it a good rinse and carefully place it back into the washing machine.

Clean the seals and drum

If you smell something funny and it’s not coming from the detergent drawer, chances are it’s coming from the drum instead. The seals around the drum are prone to bacteria build up, but this can be easily avoided by cleaning them regularly. The best way to keep these clean is by wiping them with some white vinegar on a cloth. Cotton buds are also particularly useful for cleaning underneath the seals. After you’ve given them a good wipe over, pour 500ml of the white vinegar into the empty drum and run a hot wash at 90°c or higher. If your washing machine has the option to run a drum clean cycle, this will also do the trick - just run it once a month.

Open the door and drawer after washes

Now you have your washing machine looking clean and in tip-top working condition, you want to make sure it remains fresh. After each wash open the detergent drawer and washing machine door to allow the air to flow through and put a stop to any unwanted damp smells forming.  Check the instructions on the detergent you use to make sure you’re using the recommended amount as this will help prevent a build-up of detergent gunk which is often the source of those damp smells.

Follow these simple steps on a regular basis and keep both your clothes and washing machine in the best condition!

26 June 2019


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