6 top tips to help sell your home

A well presented, light and clutter free roomIf you’re looking to sell your property, you may find that you’re in for a lot of competition. You need to do all that you can to make sure your property stands out from the crowd so that you can secure that all important sale.

A browse through some of the adverts on popular property listing sites can highlight just how badly some sellers get it wrong. You may find little care or attention to the way their property is presented, despite them hoping to convince someone to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds buying it.

You must go that extra mile if you want to get as close to the asking price as possible, and fortunately our expertise in the property market means that we know a thing or two about what it takes to achieve a sale.

We’ve put together a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your home and have it presented in the best way possible when it’s put on the market.

Declutter each room

Make sure there is nothing on show that doesn’t need to be by decluttering. Hide away any shoes or clothes, tidy up areas that are prone to hoarding, hide or cable tie loose wires that are visible so that they look neater. Things like vases, ornaments, souvenirs, trophies etc. can be boxed up and stored away while you’re trying to sell.

Keeping the property clear and simple will best show off the available space, as most buyers are likely to struggle to see past any clutter. This may result in those potential buyers leaving the property with a negative point of view about something that could’ve easily been avoided with a little effort beforehand.

Give the home a deep clean

Now that you’ve decluttered every room, it’s time for a deep clean! You want the property to be clean and fresh from top to bottom. Buyers are easily turned off by a property that hasn’t been kept well, so get the marigolds on and make sure every room is sparkling.

Get your garden in shape

A front or back garden can be fantastic selling points, especially in a family home where outside space may be high on the list of priorities. We often hear buyers voice their disappointment over a lack of basic garden maintenance if they find overgrown bushes, grass that hasn’t been cut for a long time, weeds, collections of rubbish, broken fences and sheds, a lack of colour, and so on.

The front garden acts as your shop window, so its your chance to influence a positive start to the house viewing rather than a negative one. In the back garden, you want the potential buyer to appreciate the space and find it easy for them to imagine themselves out there enjoying the sunshine.

Use sources of natural light

Things like large vases or picture frames on window sills can block a lot of natural light, so store these things away. Net curtains may be able to come down, blinds can be rolled up, curtains can be pulled back. These things all enhance the natural light and make the property feel more spacious, which always produces a positive talking point during a viewing. Buyers love light and airy homes because they feel far more welcoming.

Small homely touches

A simple bunch of flowers on the table can really add warmth and friendliness to a room, so small things like this can be worth considering. Some people even implement little ideas you’d see in a hotel room in preparation for a viewing, such as presenting beds neatly and folding towels into a tidy display in the bathroom.

Spot of snagging

Snagging takes place in new builds and is the process of rectifying any minor problems following construction.

Before putting your property on the market, it’s a good idea to do a little snagging of your own! Any small outstanding repairs or faults can be addressed, such as broken door handles, loose hinges, small cracks in walls, loose floor tiles. Whatever it is and however small it may be, it can’t hurt to fix it. You may find these small things that you didn’t notice or just got used to living with soon add up, and if a buyer notices them as well, they may be more inclined to make a lower offer.

So, there we have it, a few very simple things you can do to give yourself a slight edge on the property market. All without costing a great deal!

If you have a property in Cardiff that you’re looking to sell, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at CPS Homes. You can call us on 02920 668585, or e-mail enquiries@cpshomes.co.uk. Our expert sales team are waiting to help!

24 April 2019


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