The 10 most expensive streets in Wales

Street with CPS Sold boards outside housesWales is blessed with cosmopolitan cities, stunning countryside and quaint Welsh towns and villages. There are a host of highly desirable locations scattered among them all that are perfect for luxury home buyers, and figures have recently been revealed that lists the most expensive roads in Wales throughout 2018 - and the most expensive comes in with an average asking price set at close to a cool £1 million.

Among some of the featured towns and cities you'll find Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Penarth, Cowbridge and more.

Read on to find out more about the top 10 most expensive streets in Wales.

1. North Parade, Aberystwyth

The most expensive road in Wales in 2018 was out West in the ancient market town of Aberystwyth. Here, three sales took place with an average sale price of £950,000.

North Parade is within close proximity to the Royal Pier on the beach, which is surely one of the main reasons its value and desirability remain high.

Aside from residential properties, the popular road is also home to a variety of bars and restaurants, as well as a farmers market (which was voted among the top 10 in the UK in 2011) that contains up to 30 stalls every first and third Saturday of each month.

2. Cefn Mably Park, Cardiff

Second on the list is Cefn Mably Park, located here in the Welsh capital. The average sale price on this street during 2018 was £910,000.

Cefn Mably Park is strewn with large detached houses that are generously spaced out along the winding road, and there is some spectacular scenery around the area. One gated property in particular was one the market last year for a whopping £2.8 million.

The road also runs opposite Cefn Mably Farm Park, where families can enjoy a good day out with a mixture of farm animals and soft play areas for children.

3. Channel View, Swansea

Completing the top three is Channel View over in Swansea, with an average price of £893,500.

There are select private developments along Channel View, where just a few exclusive properties sit.

Being located close to Langland Bay beach helps drive the price up, with stunning sea views that look out across the coastline.

4. Westgate, Cowbridge

Westgate in Cowbridge is next on the list, located within the Vale of Glamorgan and not too far from Cardiff. Here, the average sale price set buyers back £735,000.

5. Westbourne Road, Penarth

Penarth is home to the fifth most expensive street in Wales, where Westbourne Road had an average price that sits well £500,000, and with one property fetching up to £795,000.

Westbourne Road is not too far from the waterfront and just a short stroll from Penarth Pier. The beautiful large houses situated along it have well kept gardens and a peaceful environment that ensures the road remains highly sought after.

6. Oldway, Swansea

Oldway has Swansea featuring for the second time, where the average price in 2018 was £695,000.

7. Lake Road West, Cardiff

This time we're back in Cardiff, as Lake Road West is seventh on the list with an average sale price of £679,300.

This highly popular road runs alongside the famous Roath Park with its lake, rowing boats, botanical gardens and cafe. It attracts many visitors throughout the year and makes it a highly sought after location.

Although traffic can build up here at times, the views and proximity to the the lake and park means properties rarely become available. When they do, the price is high!

8. Rhiwbina Hill, Cardiff

Staying in Cardiff for eight spot, Rhiwbina Hill had an average price of £675,000.

This is a residential street that runs out of the city and into the gorgeous countryside. It's lined mostly with large detached properties that are all within driving distance to Cardiff city centre.

9. Plasturton Avenue, Cardiff

No letting up as Cardiff is also home to the ninth most expensive street in Wales. The tree-lined Plasturton Avenue located in Pontcanna, just outside the city centre, had an average price of £650,000 last year.

Pontcanna is a lively and vibrant area with a creative urban vibe. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars, as well as being a short walk from Bute Park and the city centre.

10. St Michael's Road, Cardiff

And finally, it's Cardiff again, as St Michael's Road completes the top ten list.

This street in Llandaff also fetched an average price of £650,000, and as well as being a popular area to live in for those in Cardiff, it also has fantastic transport links due to its close proximity to the A48.

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06 March 2019


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