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Common student landlord questions - Part 2

Home kitchen photo by Jessica Lewis (Unsplash)Last week we published common student landlord questions part one, and this week in part two we answer a few more common questions that will help ensure you’re as prepared as possible to overcome the typical challenges and worries that many new student landlords face.

How can I ensure my student tenants are safe and secure in the property?

The safety and security of your tenants, whether students or not, is of paramount importance. Check that all locks within the property are working, and that all burglar and fire alarms are well positioned and in sound working order before the tenancy begins. Make sure the tenants are aware of where they are located and how they can be used. Night lights leading up to the property will improve visibility in the dark, as well as improve security measures by potentially deterring burglars. Likewise, timer switches can be added to light communal areas, or to make the property look occupied even if the tenants are out.

In addition to these points, gates, sheds and garages should also be easily locked.

How can I avoid waste and bin issues?

When your student tenants move in, it’s possible they will have a lot of cardboard and various packaging waste, so it’ll be helpful if you make sure there are enough bins available at the property for waste to be disposed of correctly. If you can’t explain face-to-face, leave a detailed note informing the tenants about where bins are located, when they are collected and how the rubbish should be disposed correctly. Even if you do meet your tenants to explain, a note will still be helpful to remind them in the future.

Making it easier for tenants to operate white goods

Many student tenants are moving out of the family home for the very first time when relocating for university, so operating domestic household items are often new chores for them to tackle. It would be beneficial to your tenants if you could leave any manuals or user guides so that they can easily find useful information about the appliances in your property.

Is there anything else I need to give to student tenants before the tenancy begins?

Providing the students with a list of numbers they can contact in an emergency would be a good idea, and this should include the landlords contact details as well as the contact details for any relevant letting agents. Other useful details may include contact information for 24-hour contractors that are used for the property, details about the nearest A&E, bus route and local leisure centre information, and anything else within your specific area that may be of interest to the students.

Are you a landlord in Cardiff looking for the perfect tenants? If so, we have the knowledge and experience right here at CPS Homes to help you every step of the way. We offer a range of letting services, from tenant-find through to full management, so get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. You’re welcome to pop into one of our three Cardiff branches, call us on 02920 668585, or send an email over to

17 September 2018


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