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Free online Fire Safety Course for Landlords

Photo of fire extinguishersRent Smart Wales has developed a new free online fire safety course for landlords, which is well worth a look if you don't currently employ the services of a managing agent.

Developed with the input of Wales' three fire and rescue services, the course offers landlords an opportunity to improve on their knowledge of fire safety and the associated legal obligations placed upon them; ensuring their properties and tenants are kept safe from the potentially fatal effects of fire.

Available from the Rent Smart Wales website, the course takes just an hour to complete and covers nine different topics. As well as fire safety, it also touches on gas, electrical and furniture/furnishings' safety, with sections specialising in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

There's a short quiz to complete at the end of the course and the result forms part of landlords' ongoing training record with Rent Smart Wales.

If you would like help managing your property then our fully managed service will take all the hassle out of renting and managing your property. See our landlords section for more details or get in touch now to speak to of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

11 September 2018


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