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New research highlights the main desires of tenants in the UK

A female on her laptop while sat on a bedOne of the biggest advantages of owning a home rather than renting (bar the investment) is the ability to personalise the home the way you want, either through bespoke interior design or even keeping a pet. It’s not surprising then that new research carried out by Showerstoyou has revealed that the most desired things tenants want in private rental accommodation includes many of the perks of owning your own home, such as the ability to keep pets and satellite/cable TV.

As house prices continue to rise, many young people feel priced out of the housing market and are forced to turn to the private rental market. What’s more, many young people feel that renting is their ‘long-term’ solution, rather than a temporary one, and that means that landlords should be open to the ways they can boost their tenants’ satisfaction levels outside of just the basic expectations, such as rental costs and maintenance.

Showerstoyou surveyed 3,000 tenants across the UK to find out what facilities and benefits they would like included in private rental contracts, and how much they would be willing to pay on top of their monthly rent to receive these perks.

Pets and high-speed internet top tenants’ wish lists

The research found that 28% of tenants in the UK would be willing to pay around £24 a month to allow them to keep pets in their rental homes. High-speed internet followed, with 21% of tenants willing to pay an extra £19 a month to ensure they’re connected to the quickest providers.

Moving down the list, 16% of tenants would be happy to pay £24 extra for a garden, while 15% would be happy to pay £21 more for parking. 14% of tenants would be willing to pay £24 a month more for satellite/cable TV, while 13% of those surveyed were willing to spend an extra £28 on house cleaning services.

Less appealing benefits included moving into a fully furnished property, with only 6% of tenants willing to spend £36 a month extra. 4% of tenants were found to be willing to spend £12 a month on bike storage, while 3% of tenants said they would pay £20 a month extra for a concierge service.

Communal features desired by tenants

In addition to the features above, the survey also asked tenants what communal features they’d be willing to spend extra on. 41% of tenants replied saying that they would be willing to spend an extra £20 a month on an onsite gym, while 34% said that they’d spend £10 a month on laundry services. Unsurprisingly, 32% of people said that they would spend £10 a month extra for a communal garden, while 31% of tenants would spend £22 a month on childcare.

Moving through the list, 30% of tenants said that they’d spend £7 extra on a communal vegetable allotment, and 29% would spend £10 on a children’s playground. Finally, 27% said that they’d spend £6 extra on a recreational room, 27% would spend £8 on a ‘working from home hub area’, and finally 27% would spend an extra £8 on a games room.

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04 July 2018


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